Why Vote "No" for TSPLOST?

Why Vote "No" for TSPLOST? Answer: Negative Return on Investment

Who invests $10.00 to receive less than $6.00 back, thus a loss of $4.00? Better yet, who would make such an investment after being informed in advance that the profit will be less than the investment?  Did we say profit? We meant to say financial loss, deficit, or negative return on investment.  The objective of investing is to “make a profit."

The Transportation Investment Act (HB277) is a 1 percent transportation tax known as TSPLOST (Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) which will be a referendum on the ballot in July 2012.  Unfortunately, we have evidence that TSPLOST will deliver a “Negative Return On Investment” for DeKalb and Fulton County. 

We have received documents that detail the Return on Investment for each county in Metro Atlanta; however, we focused on DeKalb, Fulton, and the City of Atlanta. We were very concerned about the overall benefit DeKalb and Fulton County will receive from TSPLOST because both counties have already invested over 6 billion dollars in 30 years on the transportation foundation of Metro Atlanta. The 1 percent transportation tax (MARTA tax) both counties pay will continue along with the TSPLOST, thus costing the taxpayers and voters 2 percent overall. We must not forget this fact. 

If you had a broker push a $100.00 stock to receive a negative return of $50.00, would you keep that broker?  Well, the people pushing TSPLOST are politicians instead of brokers. Politicians pushing TSPLOST will not tell you the truth about the return you can expect on your money.  Fortunately, there are people in public office that want the taxpayers and voters to be informed of the “truth” about the Transportation Investment Act.  These elected officials are public servants and want to take the best action for their constituents. 

After receiving documents detailing the Return on Investment for DeKalb, Fulton, and City of Atlanta, we elevated our call for a “no” vote for TSPLOST because the documents proved the following:

  • Transportation Investment Act Return on Investment for DeKalb County estimated the TIA revenue generated is $1,017.2 million (just over one billion dollars); however, the direct investment will deliver approximately $556.8 million in DeKalb County. In other words, most of the money will benefit the City of Atlanta and results in a negative investment for the county as a whole. This will prove to be detrimental because the taxpayers and voters of DeKalb County will continue to pay the 1 percent tax for the operation and maintenance for MARTA. Once again, DeKalb County will pay 2 percent in transportation tax while the other counties pay one percent.
  • Transportation Investment Act Return on Investment for Fulton County estimated the TIA revenue generated is $1,237.6 million (just over 1.2 billion); however, the direct investment will deliver approximately $920.6 million within Fulton County.  In other words, Fulton County will receive more of its money than DeKalb County; however, a large amount of funding will benefit the City of Atlanta.
  • Transportation Investment Act Return on Investment for the City of Atlanta estimated TIA revenue generated $914.7 million; however, the direct investments will deliver approximately $895.7 million within the City of Atlanta.  In other words, the City of Atlanta will have the greatest gain from the TSPLOST because their investment will amount to over 2 billion ($2.156.5 million) dollars in return on investment overall.  Compared to both DeKalb and Fulton County, the City of Atlanta stands to receive the greatest return on investment.  However, will investing in the City of Atlanta solve our congestion/traffic problems?  

Vote “No” for TSPLOST because the Transportation Investment Act will deliver a negative Return on Investment. As taxpayers and voters, we must demand a viable solution to our transportation problems instead of another tax that simply pulls more money out of the average person’s pocket.

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Viola Davis RN BSN April 27, 2012 at 10:56 PM
I have joined the opposition network at TrafficTruth.net.
Dianne April 28, 2012 at 11:28 AM
Viola...........another thing to remember is that the only municipal rail / rapid transit system that isn't subsidized by the taxpayers is BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit in San Francisco). MARTA has to be subsidized every year. Why are those of us who aren't the 5% who do use MARTA having to subsidize with our tax $$$ that 5%? You're right, this is another scam just like the toll booth on GA 400. We were told that at the end of 10 years when GA 400 was paid for that the toll booths would be removed. Well, one of Gov. Perdue's last acts as governor was to extend the toll booths on GA 400 for an additional ten years....................the cash cow continues and those of us who use 400 frequently are still paying for it. This will happen with the projects from the T-SPLOST (TIA). Vote NO on July 31st.
Taxus Moore May 11, 2012 at 11:08 PM
Vote "NO" for the taxportation referendum: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rqi3uO8Amvs
Viola Davis RN BSN August 03, 2012 at 09:17 AM
We did it! We defeated TSPLOST. We proved that coalitions will overpower corporate money and politicians. With a mustard seed of faith, we defeated an 8+ million dollar political mistake (TSPLOST).
Cheryl Miller August 03, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Great job Viola and everyone else who worked to get the truth in front of the voting public! And, we cannot thank you enough for standing up for the rights of our children to help voters learn that cell towers should not be going up at school. 62% (more than 75,000 ppl.) voted "No" to the telecommunications towers referendum as well!


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