DeKalb Schools: Redan, Stone Mountain, Miller Grove Made Strides on SAT

The DeKalb County School District also said overall it had a 9-point gain in SAT scores in 2012 and noted that African American and Hispanic students did strongly in mathematics and writing on the test.

According to the DeKalb County School District, four high schools in Stone Mountain and Lithonia made strides on the 2012 Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), and several seniors at one school achieved the biggest overall improvement.

DeKalb Early College Academy in Stone Mountain was among five schools in the district to exceed the national and state combined average for critical reading, math and writing on the SAT, DeKalb Schools said in a release about the 2012 SAT scores.

Three local high schools -- Redan and Stone Mountain, Miller Grove in Lithonia -- were among those that nearly doubled the state’s gains, according to the DeKalb school district.

DCSD said the biggest overall improvement was a 112-point combined gain by 20 Elizabeth Andrews High School seniors.

The school system said its seniors earned an average combined score of 1343 for critical reading, writing and mathematics on the recent College Board annual SAT report.

In a statement DCSD superintendent Cheryl Atkinson said: “These gains are impressive and shows how we can accomplish more if keep our focus on educating children and implementing a new curriculum. With a priority focus on student achievement and parents, educators and civic leaders working together, we can consistently achieve these results.”

Overall, the school system said its 9-point gain in SAT scores in 2012 was almost double the statewide average. The district said African American and Hispanic students did strongly in mathematics and writing on the test.

According to an article in the AJC, the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology had the state's highest three-section score: 1941 out of a possible 2400 points.

Here’s a look at how high schools in Stone Mountain and Lithonia performed on the SAT, according to the College Board’s summary by high school of the 2012 SAT (attached):

DeKalb Early College Academy

Test takers: 25

Critical reading mean: 496

Math mean: 494

Writing mean: 490

Three section mean score: 1,480

Elizabeth Andrews High School

Test takers: 20

Critical reading mean: 436

Math mean: 414

Writing mean: 415

Three section mean score: 1,265

Stone Mountain High School

Test takers: 170

Critical reading mean: 409

Math mean: 403

Writing mean: 396

Three section mean score: 1,208

Lithonia High School

Test takers: 168

Critical reading mean: 403

Math mean: 402

Writing mean: 395

Three section mean score:  1,200

Martin Luther King Junior High School

Test takers: 251

Critical reading mean: 407

Math mean: 400

Writing mean: 391

Three section mean score: 1,198

Miller Grove High School

Test takers: 208

Critical reading mean: 414

Math mean: 416

Writing mean: 404

Three section mean score: 1,234

Stephenson High School

Test takers: 277

Critical reading mean: 422

Math mean: 420

Writing mean: 405

Three section mean score: 1,247

What are your impressions on Stone Mountain and Lithonia schools' performance on the 2012 SAT? Tell us in the comment section below.


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