Recap: Public Comments at DeKalb Schools Meeting

The DeKalb Schools board of education heard from 20 residents before the work session Monday night

The DeKalb County Schools board of education listened to comments from 20 residents Monday night.

The board is working to close a $73 million gap in the overall budget and residents and parents have been vocal about ways the district can save money without impacting the classroom.

Public comments started off the meeting Monday night and last about 40 minutes. Each speaker is allotted three minutes.

Live coverage will only include public comments. Any additional information presented at the meeting will be posted separately.

Readers, if you can't see the live blog because you're reading Patch on a smartphone or other mobile device, you can follow the conversation at this RSS feed.

MrMatt June 05, 2012 at 01:58 PM
Is there somewhere that outlines more specifics on the total Dekalb School budget? Not just the 'selected' items to make up the shortfall, which conveniently leaves off or sets-up unpalatable choices. For example, why cut teacher salaries by 6.25% across the board. Why not eliminate 1/4 of dentral admin jobs, then a 10% pay cut on whoever is left at admin. And no promotions for 3 years. That's where the fat is.


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