DeKalb Schools' Proposed 5-Year Plan Includes Local Demolition, Consolidation, Addition

Among the items in the proposal, which the DeKalb county school board is meeting about Thursday, Dec. 6, Stone Mountain elementary would consolidate to Stone Mill and Rockbridge elementary for 2018-2019.

The DeKalb County School District's five-year proposed school organization, which the board of education will discuss at a meeting on Thursday (Dec. 6) and vote on Dec. 10, includes changes to the following schools several of which are in Stone Mountain and Lithonia (in bold below).

The Dec. 6 meeting is open to the public at 3:30 p.m.:

–    Move Idlewood ES (808 seats) from the Tucker cluster to the Stone Mountain cluster for 2018-2019 SY
–    Adjust boundaries for efficiency in enrollment in Stone Mountain cluster effective 2018-2019 SY
•    Action 3.2: – Consolidate Stone Mountain ES (-609 seats) to Stone Mill ES and Rockbridge ES for 2018-2019 SY
•    Action 3.3:
–    Tear down Rockbridge ES (616 seats) & rebuild as a 900 seat school* (+284 seats) opening mid- year of 2018-2019 SY .

–    Move Rockbridge ES from the Stone Mountain cluster to the Redan cluster for 2018-2019 SY** –    Adjust boundaries for efficiency in enrollment in Redan Cluster for 2018-2019 SY
•    Action 3.4: –    Increase capacity at Redan HS by 561 seats* with addition opening 2015-2016 SY
•    Action 3.5: –    Consolidate Rock Chapel ES (-662 seats) to Princeton ES and Pine Ridge ES for 2014-2015 SY

Action 4.1: Classroom additions at: –    Miller Grove HS* (+188 seats) opening 2013-2014 SY –    M.L. King, Jr. HS* (+ 613 seats) opening 2014-2015 SY –    Southwest DeKalb HS* (+600 seats) opening 2014-2015 SY
•    Action 4.2:
–    Convert Southwest DeKalb HS (1,889 seats) to a 6-12 School for 2014-2015 SY
–    Consolidate Chapel Hill MS (1,302 seats) as a neighborhood MS into Southwest DeKalb 6-12 School for 2014-2015 SY
–    Open new Theme Middle School at Chapel Hill MS facility for 2013-2014 SY
•    Action 4.3:
–    Adjust boundaries for efficiency in enrollment for Browns Mill ES, Chapel Hill ES and Rainbow ES for 2013-2014 SY
–    Make Chapel Hill ES (729 seats) a 100% feeder to Martin Luther King Jr. cluster for 2013-2014 SY (currently split with Southwest DeKalb cluster)

Chapel Hill Theme MS Sequencing

School Year 2013 – 2014:
–    Adjust boundaries for efficiency in enrollment for Browns Mill ES, Chapel Hill ES and Rainbow ES
–    Bob Mathis ES (77 students) and Rainbow ES (68 students) retain 6th grade students only for 2013-2014 school year
–    Rising 6th graders at Chapel Hill ES are sent to Salem MS for 6th grade (63 students)
–    Rising 7th and 8th grade Chapel Hill magnet students to Wadsworth ES (4-8) for 7th and 8th grade (155 students)
–    Chapel Hill MS becomes Chapel Hill Theme MS
–    Rising neighborhood 7th and 8th grade students remain at Chapel Hill Theme MS for one year (254 7th grade students 279 8th grade students)
–    Available theme MS seats:
• • •
434 6th grade seats 180 7th grade seats 155 8th grade seats
School Year 2014 – 2015:
–    Martin Luther King HS (1,143 seats) increases capacity to 1,756 seats
–    Southwest DeKalb HS (1,289 seats) increases capacity to 1,889 seats
–    Southwest DeKalb HS becomes a 6-12 grade school
–    Chapel Hill ES becomes 100% feeder to Martin Luther King Jr. cluster
–    Rising 6th grade students go to Southwest DeKalb 6-12 school, Bob Mathis ES and Rainbow ES return to K-5 configuration
–    Neighborhood students at Chapel Hill Theme MS will have option to attend Southwest DeKalb 6-12 school

Attendance Line Adjustments for 2013-14 School Year

• Portion of Idlewood ES (and Tucker MS/Tucker HS) to Hambrick ES (and Stone Mountain MS/Stone Mountain HS)
• Portion of Browns Mill ES (feeds to Southwest DeKalb HS) to Chapel Hill ES and Rainbow ES (removes feeder split)

Timeline for Attendance Line Adjustments

Browns Mill ES Meeting: January, 10, 2013

• Idlewood ES Meeting: January, 15, 2013

• Board First Reading: February 11, 2013

• Board Approval: March 11, 2013


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