Dacula Middle School Principal Addresses Parental Concerns

Principal Kellye Riggins sent email to parents regarding Dec. 3 incident at Dacula Middle School.

Dacula Middle School principal Kellye Riggins today (Dec. 10) addressed concerns regarding a Dec. 3 incident at Dacula Middle School

In an email sent to parents, Riggins indicated she wished to address rumors circulating regarding the disciplinary incident.

Riggins wrote, "In disciplinary situations like this, we work with the parents of the two students involved in the situation. However, as I am hearing a number of unsettling and inaccurate versions of what occurred, I felt it prudent to reach out to you to give you information that will help squelch the rumors circulating. While I cannot share with you details about this incident because of the age of our students, I do want to reassure you of several things. First, while one of our students did make an inappropriate comment to another student, there were no weapons involved in this situation. In addition, our administration took this situation seriously, investigating thoroughly and providing appropriate disciplinary consequences."

Riggins assured parents that these type situations are rare at Dacula Middle School, but added they are addressed "quickly and efficiently" when they do occur.

Riggins encouraged parents to contact her directly with questions or concerns.

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Greg Cantrell December 10, 2012 at 10:05 PM
I just recently spent a day at Dacula Middle School as "Principal for a Day" and was throughouly impressed with the staff, the teachers, the students & the school as a whole. I asked to be sent to the school as this will be the middle school my 3 kids will attend & I wanted to see for myself what goes on at the school. I will have no issues sending my kids to Dacula Middle School as long as I know Dr. Riggins & her staff are on the job.
North Georgia Weather December 11, 2012 at 01:55 PM
My wife is an 8th grade teacher there, and all of our kids went there.


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