Speaker at Local Meeting About SACS Report to Discuss Losing Accreditation at Clayton Schools

The loss of accreditation in Clayton was "a monster," Lisa Cameron says. The two community sessions at Hairston Crossing Library will be on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

A special guest will share the effects of losing accreditation in the Clayton County School System at two community meeting sessions this week at Hairston Crossing Library, on Jan. 15.

At the meetings, the issue of how the DeKalb community should respond to will be discussed, according to communication from local resident Calvin Sims, president of the Chapman’s Mill/Redan Park Homeowners Association.

Sims' e-mail about the guest reads:


August 28, 2008 the Clayton County School System lost its Accreditation, blamed in part on what has been called a "dysfunctional" school board. Lisa Cameron, LRB, MPA Executive Director of Cameron Social Sciences, Inc. of Clayton described the loss of school Accreditation as a “Monster”.  “people walked off from their homes which were already under water; allowing them to foreclose, and moved to neighboring counties with accredited schools “. (Property values probably took another plunge downward). “School teachers and other professionals left Clayton County, businesses closed and moved to Henry County”.  Keep in mind, even if you do not have children or grand children in DeKalb County Schools, you will be impacted as if you did.

SACS placed the DeKalb County School System on probation in December.

The sessions will take place in the meeting room of the Hairston Crossing Library, 4911 Redan Road in Stone Mountain, on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

The first session is from 5-6:30 p.m. and the second is from 6:30-8 p.m.

At the time of the probation, Dr. Mark Elgart of SACS told Fox 5: "The big concerns are the effectiveness of the school board to govern the school system and the second is the ability of this board to be good stewards to the system's resources, principally the financial resources of the system."

Said DeKalb board chairman Eugene Walker to the AJC in December: “I’m disappointed that they’re going to put us on probation. Nobody wants to be on probation."

The DeKalb County School Board is now the target of an online petition calling for its removal.

DeKalb County's school board members have been summoned to a hearing on Thursday, Jan. 17 by Georgia's Department of Education.

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