Who Needs To Pay Up For This DeKalb County Building's Rat Infestation?

A rat infestation is causing trouble when it comes to funding clean-up projects.

Photo credit: Functional Neurogenesis
Photo credit: Functional Neurogenesis
A rat infestation that made more than 100 employees have to vacate the premises  is turning into a grapple within the county's legal department to determine who needs to pay for clean-up costs.

Officials evacuated employees from the Water Billing and Account Services department within a 24-hour period starting April 23 when they confirmed that eight rats were found in the building.

Since then there has been at least one more caught in the various glue traps strewn around the offices, according to WSB TV.

It is speculated that the rats made their way through cracks and holes in the side of the building, possibly fleeing from construction across the street.

The City of Decatur does not require rodent extermination prior to demolition, but the city's house authority denies the rodents came from the project.


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