Sunday Alcohol Sales Begin May 6

DeKalb County voters approved the measure Tuesday by a wide margin.

DeKalb residents voted in large numbers on Super Tuesday to allow liquor sales on Sundays in unincorporated areas of the county, including Tucker and Stone Mountain (the City of Stone Mountain voted to allow Sunday sales months ago). Some voters at local precincts said the issue was a primary reason to go to the voting booth.

The vote will allow stores sell beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks seven days a week if they choose to do so.

Mitt Romney got the most votes in the county among Republican candidates in Tuesday's presidential primary, though Newt Gingrich won the state.

Sunday Sales (by percentage)

Yes: 72.34

No. 27.66

Presidential primary (by percentage)

Bachmann .44
Gingrich: 36.40
Huntsman: .62
G. Johnson: .19
Ron Paul: 10.42
Rick Perry: .24
Buddy Roemer: .31
Mitt Romney: 38.84
Rick Santorum: 12.54


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