Stone Mountain City Council Meeting Notes

The council voted on a number of appointments and ordinances in its first meeting of 2013.

The Stone Mountain city council met Tuesday (Jan. 8) for its regular business meeting and voted on the following items:

New Business - Consent Agenda

Appointments by the City Council:

  • City attorney- Joe Fowler
  • Assistant city attorney - solicitor- L'Erin F. Barnes
  • Chief Municipal Court Judge - Warren Hoffman
  • Associate Municipal Court Judge - Mark Gaffney
  • Associate Municipal Court Judge - LaTisha Dear
  • Legal Organ - Champion
  • Executive commitees -
  • Community affairs (Susan Coletti)
  • community outreach (Nan Nash)
  • economic development (Chakira Johnson Sallee)
  • finance (Steve Higgins)
  • public safety (Richard Mailman)
  • public works (Cyril Mungal)

Contract for Services Renewal - City of Stone Mountain and ART Station, Inc.

Contract for Services Renewal and fee schedule - City of Stone Mountain and SafeBuilt Georgia Inc.

Contract for service renewal - City of Stone Mountain and Professional Probation Services, Inc.

Renewal agreement between the City of Stone Mountain and Downtown Development Authority

Visitor's Center Agreement Renewal- City of Stone Mountain and Stone Mountain Memorial Association

Agreement Renewal - City of Stone Mountain and Stone Mountain Village Visitor Center

Lease Agreement - City of Stone Mountain nd VFW Park Stone Mountain Community Garden

Renewal Agreement between the City of Mountain and Federal PropertyRegistration Corporation

Letter of Engagement - James L. Whitaker, P.C., certified public accountant

Appointments by the City Council-

  • Mayor Pro Tem (Chakira Sallee)
  • Pension Committee Appointments - two members of the governing  authority (mayor and mayor pro tem)
  • approval of a sign permit application - special event sign - David Thomas, applicant
  • independent contractor agreement with Cynthia Frigon and City of Stone Mountain (term: Jan. 15-June 30, 2013)
  • amend the contract for services between the city of Stone Mountain and Main Street Stone Mountain (substitute agreement for two months;  more comprehensive agreement will be brought forth for a vote).

New Ordinances and Resolutions

  • Resolution 2013-01 - annial appointment of an Election Superintendent for 2013 (Denise Hicks)
  • Resolution 2013-02 - set the qualification fees for election officials for 2013
  • Resolution 2013-04 - sale of surplus property
  • Resolution 2013-05 - Woodruff Foundation Grant - interior renovations to historic train depot
  • Ordinance 2013-01 - Amend chapter 20, personally policy and procedures, article VIII
  • Attendance and leave - section 20-73 - official holidays (first reading - Dec. 17, 2012) (second reading - Jan. 8, 2013)
  • Ordinance 2013-02 - Amend Chapter 5, Buildings, Article IV, property maintenance
  • Division 5. Foreclosure Registry - Section 5-177 - Registry of Foreclosed Real Property (first reading - Dec. 17, 2012) (second reading, Jan. 8, 2013)
  • Resolution 2013-03- Set Official Holiday Schedule 2013
  • Resolution 2013-06- Set fees for foreclosed property registration ($100)

Action on all items: approved



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