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Notable comments about news, events and places on Patch, Aug. 12-18.

1. You have a higher probability of getting injured in a car accident when driving to your home in the suburbs than you are of getting hurt, robbed, or killed in the city. To answer the question, I feel safer at home than on the road.

- Comment by Patch reader Kirkwood Resident, answering the Patch

2. My granddaughters michelle & kewanna of Flat Rock Elem.
Have a great day girls.

-Proud grandmother and Patch reader Samantha, who submitted a photo of her grandchildren on the first day of school to this article, Share Your First Day of School Photos on Patch!

3. I'm excited to see an improvement in the community due to the new YMCA at Wade Walker Park. At the same time, I'm also disappointed in the fact that taxpayers in the community have to pay an overbearing monthly fee to enjoy the facility. Dekalb Park & Recreation should have built a recreational center at the park so that our children would have a place to go after school and during the Summer months, like those built in Fulton and Gwinnett counties. In the past, children in the community have been able to use the previous outdoor swimming pool for a minimum charge, but now with the YWCA replacing the pool and charging monthly membership fees, it is unfair to those who can not afford it. Dekalb County have shifted it's responsibility to provide recreation to the community to the YMCA (non-profit but have $5 billion in revenues) and allowed it to benefit from the taxpayers. The facility was built on county property and, therefore, Dekalb County should have entered into an agreement to allow the community to use the facility at a nominal charge regardless of your income level. Even though this facility has added life to the community, let's not be so blinded by the aesthetics and demand Dekalb County to address the financial burden it has placed on taxpayers in this community.
A concerned member in the community

-Community Member, a Patch reader commenting on the .

4. Theodore is a hard working professional, as well as a humane person and dedicated family man. Just look at his parents and you know exactly where his solid core values come from. Keep up the good work Teddy!

VAM, commenting on an article about Stone Mountain resident Theodore Scott, who is a finalist in Gold Peak Tea's national search for someone to give $100,000 and a year off from work.

5. I think the law suit is right and is just what is needed. It is past time that citizens teach police departments to obey the law.

Sam Hardman, a reader commenting on the article, $

6. wow. what a waste of time and money going after the police. Ms. Watts needs to find something better to do with her time.

try going after people that need to be taken to on.
not a local pd.

-Patch blogger and reader Lucas Roberts, commenting on $


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