New Mast Arms and Signage Coming to the Stone Mountain CID

Crews are busy completing traffic signal and signage upgrades throughout the Stone Mountain Community Improvement District (CID).

According to a recent press release, DeKalb County and the Georgia Department of Transportation are "transitioning intersections in the greater CID area from traditional span wire mounted traffic signals to new mast arms extending across roadways."

The upgrades also include improved signs, which will assist drivers with better navigation and direction. 

The Stone Mountain CID has worked with county and state transportation officials to increase the aesthetics of the signal efforts, extending the CID's goal of enhancing the overall appeal of the area.

"The CID greatly appreciates DeKalb County and the DOT in making this substantial investment in our community, which will make our roads more attractive and safe," said CID President Emory Morsberger in the press release. "Our businesses and commercial property owners are pleased with the intersection changes and the advances made with area signage. We expect to make further enhancements in the future."

Future plans call for the installation of unique street signs that will be attached to the mast arms, illuminated by light-emitting diodes and bearing CID-distinctive branding.  

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page


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