Meeting Notes: Dog Park To Stay Closed While City of Stone Mountain Investigates Relocation

The city council met Tuesday, March 6.

Tuesday's Stone Mountain city council meeting was much quieter (and quicker - under 30 minutes) than the , when things got heated between some members of groups on opposite sides of the issue.

Those same members were present Tuesday night (but didn't interact) when the council voted to keep the dog park closed while it investigates relocating it (see item below). Council members have discussed land next to the city's Public Works department.

Here are all the items the council voted on Tuesday:

Unfinished business

1. Rezoning Initiative by the City of Stone Mountain, 5329 Mimosa Dr., to correct the zoning map. Rezone the property from R2 (traditional residential) to VCM (Village Center Mixed Use).

Action: The council voted unanimously for this measure.

2. Closing of Dog Park.

Council member/Mayor Pro Tem Chakira Sallee moved "to keep the dog park closed in its current location while the city investigates relocating it."

Action: The motion was seconded and the council voted 4-2 in favor (here is the discussion about the dog park before the vote).

New Business

1. Long Term Facility Use Agreement between the city and Ray of Hope Church for the use of McCurdy Park for baseball. Usage fee: $2,800.

Action: Council voted unanimously in favor.

2. Agreement between the city of Stone Mountain and LAI Engineering - combining transportation enhancement projects - East Mountain sidewalk project, Streetscape Phase III Project and Streetscape Phase IV Project.

Action: Council voted unanimously in favor.

New ordinances and resolutions

1. Resolution 2012-03 - Amend the general fund budget for year ending Dec. 31, 2011.

Action: Council voted unanimously in favor.

Deane June 07, 2012 at 04:14 PM
We and our dogs miss the dog park so much. Several times I brought friends with me to the dog park (human ones!), along with our dogs, and my friends were always so envious that we had one of the nicest dog parks in DeKalb County in our town. I really don't understand why this is even a problem; residential neighborhoods often have parks, of various types, with posted rules. They are often maintained by the local residents and park users, as well as the local government, because they are source of pride that increases opportunities for neighbors to meet, and increases neighborhood property values. I met several neighbors at Red Dog Park, and I never had any unpleasant experiences. Unless the people who have complaints actually own the Park property, or there is some deficit to the surrounding property owners that can't be fixed with reasonable rules and regulations, let's reopen the park.


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