Meeting Notes: City of Lithonia Crime Down in October, Council Votes on Arts Grant Request

There are two crime investigations underway, the acting chief of police said during his report on Monday. The council also voted on three items.

Crime was lower in the City of Lithonia in October than in September, the acting police chief told the city council this week.

In his report on Monday, Xavier Todd said there were 13 incidents in October compared to 32 in September. Of the two investigations underway, one involves a person who left the scene of a vehicle accident where a utility pole was hit, causing an electrical outage. Todd said after leaving the scene, the person called police to say he'd been carjacked.

Also during the meeting, the city council voted on the following:

  • Approval of the Amendment to the Georgia Poewr Franchise Agreement extending the term of the Franchise to February 10, 2033. Action: approved, but the council will explore the percentage agreement.
  • Approval of Resolution of Suport for 2013 LCI Supplemental Grant request to ARC for revision of zoning ordinance. Action: approved.
  • Authorization to submit grant request to Georgia Council for the Arts for Art on the Plaza project. Action: approved, (one dissenting).


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