Gov. Deal Suspends Six DeKalb School Board Members

Donna Edler of District 7, who represents several schools in Stone Mountain, is among the six affected by Monday afternoon's announcement.


Gov. Nathan Deal announced Monday that he is signing an executive order that accepts the State Board of Education's recommendation that six DeKalb school board members be removed.

Deal made the announcement Monday afternoon during a press conference at the state capitol.

School board member Donna Edler, of District 7, which includes several Stone Mountain schools, said she was not surprised by the governor's decision. "I think minds were made up quite some time ago."

Edler told Patch she's followed "best practices as it related to governance" since joining the board in January 2011. "I have conducted myself in a professional manner," she said.

"I've made each of my choices in the best interest of the students of DeKalb county. Not only the students, but the citizens of DeKalb county."

Edler said she's met with community members and still has strong support.

Prior to the announcement, Deal huddled with members of the DeKalb legislative delegation for several minutes.

Deal has also appointed a nominating committee to recommend new members of the school board, composed of Keith Mason, a current member of the State Board of Education and who will chair the committee; Jim Bostick, a former member of the state board of education; Sadie Denard, a member of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce; Alicia Phillip, president of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta; and Garry McGiboney, also a member of the state board of education.

After a 14-plus-hour meeting this past Thursday, the State Board of Education voted to recommend that Deal remove six members of the DeKalb school board.

The board voted unanimously to recommend that Sarah Copelin-Wood, Donna Edler, Eugene Walker, Jay Cunningham, Nancy Jester and Pamela Speaks be removed from the DeKalb school board.

However, in a legal move late Friday afternoon, the school board filed an emergency motion in federal court, hoping to stop the governor from taking any action.

Over the weekend, a federal judge issued a restraining order that prohibits the board members' actual suspension until a hearing is convened on Friday.

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bren davis February 27, 2013 at 08:33 AM
New business/employment, Dekalb's CEO under investigation, bad police suspended, and the school board dismissed... Could this be a renaissance for the county ! ?? Hang in there folks! We can/ will do this !
Joe Arrington February 27, 2013 at 08:33 PM
Response to Bren Davis comment: Not likely, until many more DeKalb voters accept their individual responsibility to be knowledgeable, stay informed and be consistently active.
bren davis February 28, 2013 at 12:43 PM
Thank you Joe. So true... Without informative follow-up on a consistent bases, we will find it difficult/ impossible to advance in Dekalb. Keeping the faith.


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