Expanded Overlay Districts Would Cover More of Covington Highway

DeKalb County District 5 Commissioner Lee May wants the special zoning districts expanded to spark quality economic development to the area.

DeKalb County Commissioner Lee May would like to see three special zoning districts, called overlays, expanded to cover even more of Covington Highway.

Overlay districts have standards on new building design, landscaping, etc., and have restrictions on the types of businesses that can set up within their boundaries.

Expanding three overlay districts -- Stonecrest, Greater Hidden Hills, and I-20 -- would "help us get good quality development," May said.

As it stands, some of Covington Highway is covered under the overlays, depending on their boundaries.

For example, according to the amendment to create the district, the I-20 overlay covers Panola Road, Snapfinger Woods Drive, Wesley Chapel Road, I-20 and I-285 interchange, Candler Road and Gresham Road areas. Panola intersects with Covington Highway.

The Greater Hidden Hills Overlay District encompasses four square miles and is bordered by Covington Highway, S. Hairston Road, Redan Road and Panola Road.

May said the county's planning department is reviewing the details involved in expanding the three districts.

May said he'd like the overlays to stay separate to meet the needs of their respective areas.

The measure could get on the county commission's agenda in November for discussion, he said.

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