Stone Mountain City Council Regular Meeting Agenda

The city council of Stone Mountain meets tonight, 7:30 p.m., at City Hall.

Here is the agenda for tonight's (Tuesday, Aug. 7) Stone Mountain City Council regular business meeting, 7:30 p.m. at City Hall, 875 Main Street:

Call to Order

Determination of a Quorum


Citizens Comments

Reading and Approval of the Journal

A. Minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting – July 9, 2012

B. Minutes of the City Council Work Session –July 16, 2012

C. Minutes of the City Council Special Called Meeting –July 26, 2012

Reading of Communications

Adoption of the agenda of the day

Consideration of any legislation vetoed by the mayor

Unfinished business

New business

A. Consent Agenda

B. Long Term Facility Use Agreement – City of Stone Mountain and Ray of Hope–Use of Medlock Park for Football – August 8, 2012 through December 1, 2012 – Total Usage Fee $4,800

New Ordinances and Resolutions

A. Resolution 2012-10 – Amend the General Fund Budget for Year Ending December 31, 2012

Reports of Committees

A. Planning and Zoning

B. Community Affairs

C. Economic Development

D. Finance

E. Community Outreach

1.    Smoking Ordinance Discussion – Presentation by Nykia Greene-Young, Tobacco Community Liaison and Astrid Wilkie-McKeller, Tobacco Program Coordinator with DeKalb County Board of Health

F.  Public Safety

G. Public Works

H. Main Street and Downtown Development Authority

I.  Historic Preservation Commission

J.  Visitor Center

Remarks of personal privilege

Announcements by the Mayor


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