Weird Police Stories: Yelling at Officers; 'Returning' Stolen Items; Birthday Cake and Padlocks

Unusual police stories from Northeast Georgia.

A man made a traffic stop worse on Dec.5 in unincorporated Stone Mountain by raising his voice at police officers. 

After first running a check on the tag, the officer found that the owner had a suspended driver's license for controlled substance, the report states.

The car was pulled over at the BP gas station on Redan Road. The owner was sitting in the front passenger seat, according to the report.

The man asked, "What you pull us over for?"

The officer offered to explain. The report states that the man yelled, "I want to know NOW!"

"You want to see my license too?" This was also said in a loud voice.

He wasn't quite finished. That outburst was followed by: "I ain't got nothing else to say!!" according to the report.

The incident report also states that the man cursed and got in the face of the officer, who called for assistance.

The man was arrested for disorderly conduct. He yelled (again) to officers that he knew his license was suspended, then apologized several times.

But it was too late to apologize. He was taken to the DeKalb County Jail.


A Lawrenceville man allegedly tried to return items he never bought at the Walmart on Scenic Highway Thursday morning.

Acccording to police, the man grabbed three packs of underwear in the men's department, then walked up to the service desk to request a refund for the goods.

Authorities say the man reportedly gave the Walmart employee a receipt and the worker gave the man a refund for $38.72.

The employee then called the police.

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As if it weren't strange enough that padlocks were placed on the front gates of an apartment complex in unincorporated Norcross (and thus, not allowing the gates to open), what was even more bizarre were the items present at the vandalism scene: a birthday cake and baby jackets.

It isn't known if the officer suspected the items had a connection to the locks.

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An Athens man was arrested and charged with being a peeping tom after reports came in to police that he was looking into windows at the Clearwater Creek Cottages, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police report. 

Several women called police on the suspect. Police found the man looking over his shoulder and walking through bushes. Turns out, he also had crack pipe on him, his pants were unzipped and he was exposed, the report stated.

Read the full story on Athens Patch.


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