Weird Police Stories of September

A recap of unusual police stories from Northeast Georgia for the month of September.

1. Proof that people will steal anything, a Johns Creek man said the catalytic converter was stolen from his wife’s car while she worked at Emory Johns Creek. The thief used a cutting tool to remove the part while the car was in the parking lot.

2. A local man who police say has the graffiti moniker of "CUR" has been arrested and is in the DeKalb County Jail. Atlanta police say officers saw him tagging train cars in the CSX rail yard near Seaboard Avenue in Atlanta on Sept. 11.

The man is connected to more than 70 incidents of graffiti vandalism in the city of Atlanta, according to police.

3. A Peeping Tom used a stolen ladder in an attempt to see into a second-story window recently in Lithonia. DeKalb police responded after the woman resident called 911 to report seeing a man peering into her upstairs bedroom. The man fled, but police found the ladder he used leaning up against the house. The ladder ended up being stolen from a neighbor’s yard a week before the incident.

4. Usually when rock hits glass, the rock is the winner. But a couple of burglary suspects found that wasn’t the case when they tried to smash through a window at a veterinary clinic in unincorporated Stone Mountain in Gwinnett County. Surveillance video showed the men used a boulder they brought with them to break the glass. "However they had no luck," according to the police report. The rock only broke one pane of the double-paned window. The video showed them give up and drive away.

5. An Athens woman is accused of using a house-cleaning job to case the residence of an elderly man and . The woman was charged with theft by taking and exploitation of disabled or elder persons.

6. Well, at least the thief waited until a Lilburn man was finished mowing the lawn before stealing his $700 lawn mower. When the man finished, he took a break inside his house, leaving the mower in the yard. .

7. Taking things into his own hands, a pizza delivery man who works for Pizza Hut on S. Hairston Road in unincorporated Stone Mountain went after teens who had ordered pizza and wings but refused to pay, even after one of them brandished a gun. The four teens took off running and the delivery man gave chase, grabbing one of the suspects trying to climb over a fence. One of the teens showed the man a handgun and he backed off. Later he chased the group in his car, caught up to them and was told "Bro, you don't want this" while being shown the handgun at one of the suspect's waistline. With the help of the delivery man, DeKalb Police eventually caught up to one of the suspects.

8. A Lilburn homeowner told police he was so upset about his escalating water bills that he chose another route to fill his pool. He attached a green garden hose to a fire hydrant nearby and ran it back to the pool. He had two feet of water in the pool before police arrived. In case you don’t know, it’s against the law to do this.

9. Man trouble and intoxication started a brawl at Del Rio near Dacula, leading to a woman being knocked nearly unconscious. After police arrived they talked to “very intoxicated” people who were involved in the altercation. Big surprise there.

10. A company in unincorporated Stone Mountain received a bomb threat that thankfully turned out to be false on Sept. 12, prompting DeKalb police to contact Homeland Security and to ask the business leadership about recently terminated employees who might be disgruntled. The responding DeKalb police officer and two employees of the company did a walk-through of buildings on the property and found nothing suspicious.  The officer asked if there were any recently terminated employees who might be disgruntled. There was one, the complainant said, a 15-year employee who was recently let go.

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