Inside the Police Reports: Shoplifting Beer and Ramen Noodles from Walmart

A person with the suspect was arrested for giving a false name and birth date to Gwinnett county police.

A man was arrested for shoplifting two packs of beer and a 12-count package of Ramen noodles at the Walmart at 1825 Rockbridge Rd. on Jan. 21, according to a Gwinnett county incident report.

Police responded to a call from the store in unincorporated Stone Mountain on Jan. 21 about  theft in progress at around 10:39 p.m. on Jan. 21. The complainant, an employee who was working a cash register, said she witnessed two men and a female "run out of the store" with the items in a cart.

According to the report, the employee identified the suspect and the two people he was walking with in the parking lot. An officer looked inside the suspect's vehicle and saw the Budweiser and the Ramen noodles. 

The suspect gave the vehicle key to one of the officers on the scene and reportedly said, "Go ahead and give the beer back then."

The officer who wrote the report also saw an open can of beer in the center console, an open bottle of alcohol on the rear floor board, and an open container of beer in the rear cupholders, the report states.

The officer asked the suspect if that was the vehicle he drove to Walmart in, and the suspect said yes. According to the report, the officer also wanted to know if he'd drank the beer in the center console:

And he told me that what he meant to say was that it was his car but he did not actually drive it tonight. I asked him who drove and he told me that there was a fourth person in the car that was the driver and he had run out to Hwy 78 and was waiting to be picked up."

The suspect, however, could not provide the name or location of the fourth person, the report states.

He was placed under arrest for shoplifting. The male he was with was arrested for giving a false name and date of birth to police.

The woman who was with the men told police she didn't know the items were not paid for. She said she had come in from the vehicle to use the restroom, saw the suspect walking out of the store, and walked out with him. The suspect asked that the woman have his vehicle key. The officer gave it to her. She called a friend to pick her up.

The two men were transported to the Gwinnett county jail.

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