Ride Leads to Gun Pointing, Theft, Assault

After accepting a ride with a "robbing crew," victim lost Ipod, glasses and cell phone, police report says.

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A car ride with three men ultimately ended up with the victim allegedly having a gun pointed at him and his Ipod, cell phone and glasses taken, according to a DeKalb County police report.

On May 22 an officer responded to a home on Lake Michele Court in unincorporated Stone Mountain about the incident on the same date. The victim's father said after coming home from work around 8 p.m. his son told him about the events that reportedly began at 2 p.m.:

The victim, 18, said he was walking through the Hidden Hills subdivision when a "long standing friend" approached him in an unknown vehicle occupied with two males he didn't know and told him to get in. He did.

The second suspect asked to borrow the victim's Ipod for the ride; he let him. The victim said they drove to a park in Hidden Hills, where the third suspect jumped out, pointed a silver and black 9mm handgun at the man, saying he didn't trust him. The suspect ordered the victim out to get out of the car. He did.

The victim referred to the suspects as "a robbing crew" preparing to attempt just that. After leaving the car, the victim ran to a friend's home nearby, according to the police report.

Realizing he didn't have his Ipod, he walked to an unknown location off Redan Road where the suspects were. He told the second suspect he would fight for his Ipod. The victim put his glasses and cell phone down before the fight. According to the report, all three suspects jumped the man, then fled the scene.

When the victim went to retrieve his glasses and cell phone, they were gone. He said he didn't see who took them.

The Ipod Classic was listed in the police report at a value of $250, the Motorola cell phone, $50; and the glasses, $500.


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