Report: Men Who Held Kalonji Bakery Owner's Parents at Gunpoint in Covington Out on Bond

AJC says two Covington men are charged with aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal trespass for holding the parents of bakery owner Bruno Kalonji, whose store is in the city of Stone Mountain, at gunpoint last week.

Two men who held at gunpoint the parents of Bruno Kalonji, the owner of Kalonji's Cafe and Bakery in the city of Stone Mountain, in Covington last week- thinking the couple was breaking into a nearby home -- have been released on bond and charged in the incident, according to an article on ajc.com.

Jean-Joseph Kalonji, 61, and his wife Angelica, 57, were held at gunpoint by Robert and Branden Canoles last Thursday evening after the two men saw the couple trying to enter a house next door in their rural Covington community, the AJC reported.

The story said that the house had been purchased by Bruno Kalonji but his parents had no evidence to prove it. Canoles and his son were arrested Monday night and out on bond Tuesday night. Loitering and prowling charges against the Kalonjis have been dropped. Deputies who responded are under review, the article reported.

Angelica Kalonji bakes desserts, prepares lunches, works the cash register and more at Kalonji Bakery in the city of Stone Mountain, 933 Main Street.

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