Midtown Pedestrian Robbery Results in Arrests; APD Officer Narrowly Avoids Being Shot

Four males are in custody after this attempted robbery.

Great smarts, technology, and good fortune were all part of a Monday morning pedestrian robbery that ended well but could have gone tragically wrong, as an APD officer narrowly escaped being shot at close range by a robbery suspect.

Public Affairs Officer Kim Jones released information about this pedestrian robbery that occurred during the early Monday morning hours.

According to Jones, the two victims at 1:52 a.m., "were robbed at gunpoint on Juniper Street and 8th Street."  Officer P. White responded to the call and started the search for 4 black males that stole their "wallets, phones, and credit cards, and fled the scene in a vehicle."

Officer White was able to track the stolen items, via a cell phone presumably, to a Texaco Food Mart at Northside Drive and McDaniel Street, where multiple units were called in to make an arrest. 

According to the police narrative, this is where things could have gone tragically wrong, but did not:

The four suspects were located but two (of them) were among the customers inside the Texaco food mart. 

One of the suspects intentionally came towards police and asked, "What is going on?" as he was armed with a stolen pistol. 

The suspect pulled the weapon and attempted to shoot one of the supervisors on scene. The gun did not fire because the round was defective.  A brief struggle took place. 

All 4 suspects were identified and placed in custody. One stolen gun was recovered.

No one was hurt in this incident. Officer Jones said, "one round was fired by APD during the incident when the suspect was attempting to shoot one of the supervisor’s but no one was hit. There was no damage."

The 2 individuals who were robbed, were able to retrieve all of their stolen items, including credit cards and ID. 

All 4 suspects were transported to Fulton County Jail and charged with 2 counts of Armed Robbery each, along with other charges that have not been detailed yet.

The attempted shooting of the officer, reminds us of a case a few weeks ago in the West End, where an officer was shot in the face and badly injured while on duty.

Tim February 07, 2013 at 02:34 PM
Here is a link per Chris' comment: http://midtown.patch.com/articles/midtown-ponce-security-alliance-parole-watch
Dookie Doo February 07, 2013 at 07:56 PM
@goofball, it was actually Bill Bratton and Jack Maple who cleaned up NYC. Rudy took the credit after Maple retired and Bratton took over LAPD.
Barry Soteroamatuer February 15, 2013 at 04:59 PM
I got approached last month by 2 sketchy blacks on 10th street and when I drew my Glock 21 on them and held it pointing down you have never seen anybody run away so fast, like Usain Bolt
Bob February 20, 2013 at 11:58 AM
Also,don't forget the Mayor's buddies at the Atlanta Airport, who got all the perks of Food Vending, and including the Limousine service (another buddy). I hope he can be thrown out when the time comes. Right now, all he's interested in, is the new proposed stadium.
Southern Girl March 25, 2013 at 10:12 PM
Seriously? Either the same person is posting under different names or there are some extremely racist people on these boards. I guess we are still in Georgia.... We ALL know that when crimes are committed by whites they rarely report it, they often keep in under wraps, they're lawyered-up more quickly, etc. As a person with family that lives in Gwinnett, in a very nice area, that happens to be majority white-- they try very hard to keep any crime committed under lock and key because they don't want it to reflect badly on the neighborhood, bring down property values, etc. They often time works things out with the police, etc. I wonder why they would want to report all these crimes committed by these men in Midtown. I think A lot of the time it's all propaganda. Report every time a black male commits a crime, but not when a white male does? I've seen so many young white males do some sketch things all around Midtown. All this sensationalized reporting is done intentionally and often time I believe it's done strategically as well. If anything I'd say it's rarely asians, rarely women of color (aka black women), or women in general for that matter, and well... that's about it. But it's not about color. Can we leave color out of it. Just report the crime, stop putting up mugshots and stop including race in the article.. I don't think it adds anything. It just brings out the worst in people's mind.


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