Man Says He's Out $4500 for 10 iPhones He Never Received

In the Dec.15 incident, the victim told police the suspect claimed he worked for Best Buy in Lithonia.

A Marietta man told DeKalb County police he's out $4500 for ten iPhones he never received from a person on Craigslist that he met at the Lithonia Best Buy parking lot on Dec. 15.

According to the incident report, the victim he replied to an ad on Craigslist posted by a person identifying himself as "Chance" who said he was selling the 64GB phones for $450 each.

The suspect told the victim that he worked for Best Buy. They arranged to meet in the parking lot of the store at 2940 Turner Hill Rd. for the transaction. The suspect, wearing a blue polo shirt and khaki pants (possibly a Best Buy uniform, the incident report states) came up to the victim's car and got in.

The suspect produced several documents including a sales receipt for the victim to sign, according to the incident report. After the victim signed the papers, he handed over $4500.

The suspect told him to go to the mobile center at the back of the store and ask for someone named Chris. The suspect then got out of the vehicle.

The victim went inside and asked for Chris, but was told there was no one in the department with that name. According to the report, the suspect was gone when the victim returned to the front of the store. It was unclear from the incident report if the suspect went inside the store or not.

The victim told police he never saw or received the iPhones.

Police looked over the the vehicle for fingerprints but found none.

William Emory January 06, 2013 at 09:26 AM
I did not think anybody could be so stupid. Hand over $4500 to a complete stranger without getting the items you buying first.The guy deserves to be ripped off if he is that stupid. I am not about to hand over money without seeing and getting what I am buying. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid


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