Inside the Police Reports: Robbery Suspect Pistol-Whipped, Shot At Victim

The Sept. 17 incident happened on Martins Road in unincorporated Stone Mountain.

A man told DeKalb County police that he was pistol-whipped by a robbery suspect at his home in the 900 block of Martins Road in unincorporated Stone Mountain on Sept. 17.

The victim, 19, said he was home alone when someone knocked on the front door. He opened it to an unknown black make wearing a black bandanna, black tank top, and black pants. The suspect put a black 9mm handgun in the victim's face and asked where the money and game systems were, according to the incident report.

The suspect led the victim to his brother's room upstairs and asked again for the money and game systems.

"I'm gonna kill you because you buckin on me," the suspect told the victim, the report states.

The victim said the suspect then pistol-whipped him and took $150 from his pocket.

The suspect made the victim walk back to the front door, where the suspect stepped in halfway. The victim told police the man tried to get the attention of other suspects, who were in a vehicle in the driveway.

That's when the victim tried to slam the door.

For that, the suspect fired a shot at him, according to the incident report. The police report does not say whether the victim sustained an injury from the gunshot.

The responding police officer spoke with a witness at the scene, who said he observed a "nasty" gold Chevy Impala park on Martin Road facing north. The witness told police a black female driver asked him if she could park there. The wtiness said he heard what he thought was a loud door slam and saw the Impala leaving.

The witness told police he thought the woman "got her kid and was taking on off." The vehicle did not leave in a hurry, he said.

The officer said another man, whose connection to the victim, if any, was not mentioned in the report, unintentionally kicked an empty sell casing from the home's entry down the lower staircase. The casing came to rest at the base of the staircase, the report states.

Members of the Major Felony unit were contacted and continued the investigation.

The officer said in the report that prior to the Major Felony detective's arrival, two subjects were detained in order to be interviewed: the person who kicked the casing, and another, ages 17 and 18, respectively.

The subjects had previously stated that they arrived at the home shortly after the incident, the report states. They told police that the victim advised them of what happened before calling 911. The subjects were interviewed by detectives.

The victim was taken to Grady Hospital.


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