Inside the Police Reports: Peeping Tom Tried to Open Window

According to the incident report, the victim, who lives in unincorporated Stone Mountain, said she had seen the same suspect at her window the previous week.

A Peeping Tom was reported Oct. 8 at 10:15 p.m. in the 300 block of Ashley Creek Ct. in unincorporated Stone Mountain.

The victim told DeKalb County police that she was in her bed watching television when she saw the suspect looking into her son's bedroom window. 

She looked out and asked the suspect what he was doing outside her window. According to the victim, the man repeatedly asked her, "What are you wearing?"

The victim said the suspect tried to open her son's window. She said she went into the living room and called police.

The suspect was gone by the time the responding officer arrived.

The victim told police that she saw the same suspect at her window the previous week. She did not call police then because she assumed the person was walking the trail that runs behind her apartment. 

The suspect is described as a black male about 5-foot-8 inches, 170 pounds, with a full beard, wearing a blue shirt with white letters on it and black sweat pants, black socks and back and gray Nike house shoes.

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