Inside the Police Reports: Man Robbed At Gunpoint of 3 iPhones

The victim flagged down a DeKalb County police officer Oct. 2 after the incident occurred in the 400 block of Stephenson Rd.

A man told DeKalb County police he was robbed at gunpoint of three iPhones that he had advertised on Craig's List.

According to the police report, the victim flagged down police on Oct. 2 at Rockbridge Road and S. Stone Mountain-Lithonia Road and explained that he had just gotten robbed.

The victim, of Norcross, led the officer to the incident location in the 400 block of Stephenson Road in unincorporated Lithonia. When they got there, the police officer noticed that the house appeared to be vacant and that there was a green vehicle in the carport, according to the incident report.

He said he received a call from a man to meet him at the incident location after placing an ad on Craig's List for three iPhones for sale at $350 apiece.

When he got to the house, the victim said he saw a man with gray hair working on a dirty gold-colored vehicle parked in the driveway with the hood up.

The man that the victim had agreed to meet was in the front yard, he told police.

When the victim approached,  the suspect pulled out a black handgun and pointed it at his head, he said.

The suspect told him to lay down on the carport next to the green vehicle, according to the incident report.

While he was on the ground, the victim said a third man walked from the back yard holding two guns. The victim told police he believed one weapon was a Tech-9.

The victim said the men went through his pockets, took his wallet and tossed his keys in the back yard. The suspects went through the victim's car and took the three iPhones.

The men then got into the gold vehicle and drove off heading north on Stephenson Road, the report states.

The victim found his keys in the back yard and drove west on Rockbridge Road until he saw the officer.

The incident was forwared to the Major Felony unit, the victim got a case number and was told to contact police if he finds the iPhone serial numbers.


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