Inside the Police Reports: Local Woman Witnesses Armed Robbery

A weekly look at recent local crime.

A Covington Highway Subway employee who lives in unincorporated Stone Mountain witnessed an armed robbery at the restaurant last week, according to the DeKalb County police report.

Another worker, who was behind the counter, told police that a man came into the Subway at 6116 Covington Highway in Lithonia around 9:18 p.m. July 31. After she asked to take the man's order, she said he "just stood there for a few seconds" before pulling out a hand gun, the report says.

The other employee was mopping the floor. When he produced the gun, she tried to run to the door leading behind the counter. She told police the man cocked the gun and told her to go back to where she'd been mopping.

The suspect then approached the counter, laid the gun on the ledge and demanded money. The counter employee gave him a band of one-dollar bills totaling $100 and an unknown amount of $5 bills.

The suspect left the store, using his elbow, not his hands to push the door open.



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