Inside the Police Reports: Bomb Threat At Business Comes Up Empty

DeKalb police called Homeland Security and raised questions about recently terminated employees during the Sept. 12 incident.

A company in unincorporated Stone Mountain received a bomb threat on Sept. 12, prompting DeKalb police to contact Homeland Security and to ask the business leadership about recently terminated employees who might be disgruntled.

The bomb threat turned out to be false.

Police responded to the call of the threat at Graphic Packaging at 5853 E. Ponce De Leon Ave. around 2:25 a.m. Sept. 12 and met with the complainant, the company's manager of safety and health, who said around 12:15 a..m. he had received an anonymous call from a young female stating three times that there was a bomb in the building, then hung up. According to the report, the caller did not indicate specifics, such as the location that the threat was directed towards.

At first, the manager thought the call was a prank. He waited an hour before calling the cops.

The responding DeKalb police officer was joined by the complainant and another manager from the company, who all did a walk-through of two buildings on the property and found nothing suspicious, the incident report states. A third building was not checked because the complainant told police it is no longer used and inaccessible.

The manager told police that he uses his phone for business and personal matters and is accessible to more than 300 employees at the company, which has more than 100 overnight workers.

The officer asked if there were any recently terminated employees who might be disgruntled. There was one, the complainant said, a 15-year employee let go because "she claimed she was medically incapable of performing her job after being medically cleared," the report states.

Police notified a Homeland Security sergeant about the call, who advised he would follow-up.


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