After Knife Fight, Woman Says, 'The Dog Did It'

Here are some strange activities that police encountered in Northeast Georgia recently.

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Bad dog? After answering a call about two people fighting with knives at a Lawrenceville-area residence, Gwinnett Police found a large kitchen knife on a table, a steak knife on the stairs and several broken items scattered around the house. But despite the cuts and scratches seen by police, the husband and wife inside the house wouldn’t give any details. The woman's response to the mess? "The dog did it," according to the police report.

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Rage against the speed machine: A Lilburn resident says he had enough of watching that guy from down the street speed through the neighborhood, so he confronted the driver. He says that got him on the wrong end of a gun. The man told police the speeding had gotten so bad that he feared for the safety of the kids in the neighborhood, but when he stopped the car recently, the driver pulled out a black pistol, "cocked it back," and pointed it at him. The driver told police the man threatened him, so he pulled the gun out of his glovebox and placed it on the seat, but didn’t point it. Police didn’t have enough evidence to make an arrest.

Fake cop alert: The Roswell Police Department has been warning people about a scam involving a man claiming to be a Fulton County Sheriff’s deputy. The scam involves claiming a warrant has been issued for speeding, but could be voided if the fine was paid by credit card or money order.

Forget something? A Loganville man forgot to remove the tag from a new pair of jeans before shopping at another store, and that almost drew him a shoplifting charge. An employee at a local Walmart noticed the man in the store wearing the tagged jeans, and suspected he had stolen them. The man told police he bought the pants at Target, instead, and the security tape showed he hadn’t stolen them. But his refusal to cooperate with police did result in a disorderly conduct charge.

Try to follow this one: A Statham woman faces a number of charges after incidents that included her threatening to blow up another woman’s car. The women argued over a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am and who’s car it was based on an earlier agreement. During the dispute, the charged woman pulled up her skirt to show the other woman a black handgun — it ended up being an air pistol — and then threatened to blow up the vehicle.

Later, a Bartow County deputy found the woman standing on a front porch with her hands up and the weapon a short distance away. "She stated that she had the gun to put it against her head to threaten false suicide so that he would love her," the deputy wrote in the incident report. She denied threatening to blow up the car, but admitted saying she would blow it up before letting her husband have it.


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