Weird Police News: Kid Robbed of Rent Money; Dates Gone Bad; Drunk and Confused

Our top 10 strange police stories from Patch sites in northeast Georgia.

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1. Can you sink much lower than this? A 7-year-old Athens boy carrying $310 to pay the rent had the money stolen on his way to the leasing office. The boy's mother gave him the money to take to the office, but as he was en route, he was stopped by a man who was playing basketball nearby. . The boy was not injured.

2.  Taking advantage of employees preparing breakfast at Comfort Inn & Suites in unincorporated Stone Mountain in Gwinnett County, a masked thief sneaked behind the front desk counter and stole $450. The culprit might be another employee. 

3. A Walmart security guard in Oconee County has had a couple of scary moments recently with shoplifters. He was threatened with a knife by a man who had walked out of the store with 36 cans of beer. The previous week, the same loss prevention officer reported he'd been biten by a man he accused of shoplifting digital cameras.

4. Careful who you meet: Meeting someone online isn’t meeting someone at all, is it? A Dacula woman found that out after she invited a man she met in an online chat room to come on over. The man ended up bringing along a “cousin,” who pulled out a gun and held her down with a towel over her head in a apparent robbery attempt. After the first man encountered the woman’s grandmother in the house, the two men fled. The only thing stolen was a cell-phone battery.

5. Careful who you meet, part 2: A man told police he was robbed of $83 and his cell phone in Norcross after he agreed to go home with a woman he met at an Atlanta bar. But, the woman drove to another location to pick up another man. Near Norcross, the second man struck the victim in the head, possibly with a pistol, then ordered him out of the car.

6. A Dacula man arrested for public intoxication told police “I know I’m a violator but what did I do?” after a night of drinking at a local bar, which left him so drunk that he fell face-down on the pavement. The man, who became agitated and combative, had another question when he arrived at the Gwinnett County Jail: “How the hell did I get in a police car?”

7. Is this love? A Norcross woman bailed out her boyfriend from the Gwinnett County Jail with the stipulation that he not contact her again, since he had been charged with aggravated assault and battery against her. Wait, huh? She bailed him out because she felt sorry for him. When she received a text saying, “Can you get me a Mountain Dew and a bologna sandwich and bring it to me? I'm outside in my car,” she called police. He’s back in jail.

8. A Suwanee man wanting to be more than just friends with a neighbor woman was booked for stalking after the neighbor had had enough. At first, she told police, she listened to the man’s problems and even invited him over for dinner. When it was clear he wanted more, she refused to answer his knocks at the door and eventually called police. He is not to have any more contact with the woman.

9. Here’s a pretty smart way to use cell-phone video: A Peachtree Corners leasing agent shot video of someone trying to break in to an apartment building and shared it with police.

10. A Dacula woman standing in front of a cell-phone kiosk at the Mall of Georgia had her iPhone 5 snatched away by a teen, who ran out the front door, yelling “Go! Go! Go!” as he dove into the getaway car.

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Wendy Martin December 02, 2012 at 01:51 AM
This city is so nortoureous and scary until I have chaged my mind about moving here!! And if the police don't get stone mountain under control they are going to lose good residents and none will come into the city for the crime!! Seriously!
Leslie Johnson December 02, 2012 at 06:11 AM
Hi Wendy. This story is a round-up of crime from around northeast Georgia and includes news from Athens, Dacula, Norcross, etc. There is one entry this week from unincorporated Stone Mountain, Gwinnett County.
CookieBanks December 09, 2012 at 04:39 AM
There is no way I'm sending a child with cash rent money anywhere, I mean come on. I don't even carry cash like that. Use money orders if the place doesn't accept checks. If for other reason you had to pay in cash, mom why didn't you walk with the child to pay it? Too big of a responsibility for a child. Poor kid expensive lesson learned for the mom. Hope they find that scumbag who did such a mean thing. Online dating common sense always told me to stay away far away. You have no idea who you are actually talking to. I know e-harmony has the cute commercials but you can seriously get a wacko, no thanks. #7 no that's not love that is crazy. These are hoot, shameful and disgraceful all at the same time. Crime is rampant everywhere even in the so called "better, nicer" communities, no one is exempt.
wiggedout December 21, 2012 at 03:43 PM
Nortoureous? Your spelling is a crime.
Wendy Martin December 22, 2012 at 04:26 AM
wiggedout, you know where you can go right!! You probably look like a wiggdout by the head!!


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