Moms Talk: A Little Something Different

Moms Talk takes a different approach this week by interviewing you, our readers.

Because our regular Moms Talk contributor is out of town unexpectedly this week, we are going to do something a little different for this week's column. Instead of hearing my opinion on this week's news in the world of motherhood, I want to hear yours!  

As mamas, we all love to talk about our kids and the issues that affect our relationship with them. I personally have two little ones; a daughter, 4, and a son, 3. They're my best buddies, and chances are you'll see me pushing them around in a double stroller while I'm taking pictures of local events.  

So, take this as an opportunity to gloat, share or reminisce. Pick a numbered question from the list and let us know your thoughts.  I'm really looking forward to this conversation!

1.  The decades-old question has reared it's ugly head again: can a modern woman have it all?  Personally, I think it's a horrible example, considering that as the Yahoo chief executive officer she can hire the "village" needed to raise a child. Nevertheless, my answer is "yes."  

2.  What's the cutest thing your child has ever said?  

3.  What issues on the ballot (July or November) are most important to you?  How will it impact your family?

4.  What is your own best childhood memory? What do you think your children will remember most about their childhood?

5.  Does your home have traditional gender roles?  Who takes out the trash?  Laundry?  

6.  What's your opinion on genetically modified food?  Issue or not?  Are you careful with what ingredients you bring into your home?

7.  What is the most influential piece of advice a parent or grandparent gave you?

8.  What's your dinner time routine?  

9.  For working moms, how do you balance work and family?  What works best for you?  

10.  What piece of advice would you give new mothers?

Ready, go!

Gail Lane July 20, 2012 at 09:37 PM
I'll address that "Number 1" - can you have it all? The article points out one important thing about being satisifed, successful as a businesswoman AND a mom and that is you pretty much have to be established in your career to make it happen. Pushing that "biological" clock is risky if you want to have more than just a job, but probably necessary. But I do believe that is one of the key parts to this equation and what makes it a bit more achievable. Having an income that allows for some assistance at home in the way of keeping up with the house, or helping with the children definitely makes the "home demands" more manageable. And being successful enough in your business that you can have assistance on that front makes your professional demands easier to maintain.
Sharon Swanepoel July 21, 2012 at 01:20 PM
I will take No. 7 and pass on the advice my mother gave me as a teen (a long, long time ago.) She found me crying one day and asked what the problem was. I think I told her because I needed her to be the one to impose the rules that solved the problem for me. My friends had all started smoking and I knew that to keep in with my peer group, I would have to start smoking too. Instead of telling me, "Don't ever let me catching you doing it," she asked me to think about why it made me cry. She asked if I thought it was the right thing to do, would I be crying over it? I never smoked and I gradually broke away from that group and found another group of friends to hang out with. Best advice she ever gave me. A demand I didn't do it could have gone either way. It might have given me an excuse to say I was too scared to because my parents were so strict - and that wouldn't have gone down well with that particular peer group anyway - or it could have caused me to rebel and do it anyway next time I had a teenage conflict at home. By putting it back on me, she forced me to really look at the issue the correct way. Smart woman my Mom - I still miss her so much.


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