Interactive Tools For Election Season

These gadgets and tools will help you decide on a presidential candidate.

Still undecided on the presidential election? Or just want to check out the different options? We've found a few interactive gadgets and tools to keep you informed and help you make some sense of the 2012 Presidential political season.

USA Today's Political Ad Tracker

Working with FactCheck.org, you get to watch ALL the commercials, then rate them based on whether you believe them truthful or useful. FactCheck also gives their opinion of the ads and how they may have an impact on how you vote.

There's An App for That

And here it is! The NY Times has created an app for iPhones and Android platforms so you don't miss a single thing!

USA Today's Candidate Match Game

Through a series of questions you can figure out where President Obama and Governor Romney stand on issues and which are important to you and which are merely a "meh".

The New York Times Electoral Map

This is a very cool interactive state-by-state map in the primary red and blue colors that allows you to work through the different scenarios based on previous elections and upcoming trends.

ProPublica's PAC Track

Who is giving how much to which candidate through non-profit organizations? Not so very interactive, but some really interesting information for those who are prone to look intently at SuperPAC spending.

270toWin 2012 Presidential Map

Another state by state view of how the votes will fall to keep you updated as we get closer to the election.

Let us know what you think... and if any of these tools in any way impact how you might vote in the fall.


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