Hidden Hills Revisited

We have this empty piece of property, formerly known as the Hidden Hills Golf Course that runs behind many of the homes in Hidden Hills.  Back in the day, as they say, there were golfers back there--riding their little electric golf carts, walking and talking, hitting balls, drinking beer.  Sometimes a ball would come through the trees into your yard.  I once stepped out on my deck and there was a man in my back yard searching for stray golf balls.  He said he had a right to be back there because of the variance.

Present day.   Years have passed and the only activity on the f.k.a. property is running a lawn mower over it a few times in the summer.  Since the community protested any development on the property, and only insisted on keeping it cut, the owner has complied.  The property was never seriously for sale. The said property has been vandalized, boarded up and re boarded up.  The bushes and vines  of ivy cover the once ridden pathway  by so many  walkers and golf carts.  The once visible water ways now crowded with vegetation serve as drinking fountains for rabbit and deer and new pine forests  have sprouted  up and are looking eagerly toward Spring.  Soon bright yellow wild flowers will carpet the once well manicured greens. 

The reality is, now there is a new sport on the golf course.  It's motor cross.  Now, instead of the silent roll of an electric golf cart, there is the annoying whine of the four wheeler and the zinging ring of the dirt bike whizzing passed by back yard.  Gone now are the quiet Sundays where an easy after dinner conversation wisps  through the trees  from backyard decks.   Gone will be bird chorus at sunset.  Day and night the roar of the motor cross will fill our days and the yellow wild flowers will be replaced with pits of mud.

With motor cross comes people.  People in trucks and vans parking on the roadways, driving across the old course  armed with all sorts of food and drink for a good time watching motor cross.  Teams could emerge and competitions ensue.  Wow, this sounds like something that could make money.  And it could, if done the right way.  If someone would be so polite as to purchase the property, obtain the necessary permits and business license, obtain the necessary permissions rather than just take over another person's property.  The police are correct when they say if the owner doesn't mind people on their property, there really is nothing they can do about it.  So to the community of Hidden Hills, as you look forward to the future of your community, heck, just look forward to the Spring time, or the next sunny day because every sunny day (and moon light night) will be motor cross day in Hidden Hills.


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