Great Escape: Three Blind Mice is a Perfect Local Spot

If you need a new local bar and restaurant to call home, try Three Blind Mice in Lilburn.

So I took advantage of pre-school’s Parent’s Night Out last Friday. I wasn’t sure how the boys would do, so we needed to pick a local restaurant for dinner.  I wanted a great restaurant and wine bar, fit for mature adults, not too commercial, and right in the heart of Lilburn.

Lilburn has not had too many restaurants that we can call home. The Blue Rooster was a great lunch stop, but that era is over.  Where are the locals to go that feels as cool at Atlanta but as welcoming as, well, your own hometown?  I found my happy place at Three Blind Mice, also known as TBM.

Located near Five Forks and Killian Hill, this wine bar has a great selection of seasonal beers and extended wine selection. The bar is loft chic and the bartender a local favorite. 

Not only did we have a top quality meal and great German wine, we saw my babysitter, my mom’s neighbor, friends from playgroup and other familiar faces. It’s like Cheers has come to Lilburn.

Menu options range from beef diane to seared scallops. Cheese plates and crab cakes round out appetizers and a pumpkin cheesecake and googy awesome lava cake fill out dessert. 

Wine tasting is on Wednesdays and Sunday options change to football food favorites and beer tasting. If you catch a break on Mondays, go for trivia and some Fridays have live music.

Claim a local restaurant as your got-to spot. With great food and friendly faces, tbm is a perfect fit. 


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