Bites Nearby: Little Mexico Bar & Grill

Every week Patch picks a local restaurant worth checking out, and this week we go Mexican.

WARNING: This review is not raving.

I'd like to write a positive review about because I'd heard good things about the food and because the eatery won a for the best outside dining, but this isn't going to be a stellar review. It's my experience.

And, I didn't think it was a great one.

First off, it was gloomy weather, so I did not get the advantage of the outside dining. That's not their fault. But, what is their fault is the lack of windows in the place and equally dim lighting. 

I couldn't see anything at first. My eyes had to adjust. And, with it already being cloudy outside what little light came through the few windows was struggling big time. However, the place was very festive and seemed pretty tidy.

Then, I sat down, and the waiter and waiters seemed nice enough. They didn't act like they did not want to be a work, which is always a good sign. There were also a few I gathered who did not speak English. Not a big problem, but what if I didn't know any Spanish?

(This is not to say the waiters do not know the menu, they do. But, the lack of English decreases the chance that your waiters gab it up with you, compliment you on your hair, ask who that little smiling baby is, or whatever. Some people like that.)

I ordered chilaquiles for one reason only. I have lived in Mexico and have dreamed of chilaquiles ever since I left there. My host mom cooked it ALL THE TIME, and I basically became addicted.

But.... I didn't like Little Mexico's version for the $4.99 lunch special. Guess you can't compete with home cooking, or my memory of home cooking. I will say though, that the food was super fast, so fast I didn't have time to get bored with myself while I waited. That was a plus. The food was also hot. That was another plus.

After I got my food, no one, and I do mean NO ONE, came to see if I wanted any more agua (water), or any more lemonada (lemonade), or un postre (dessert). I had to keep flagging people down like I was an air traffic person. I did not like that.

Maybe they were busy, or short-staffed. I don't know.

When I finally did get someone to come over for various things, including my check, the waitress was very smiley and gracious. So, maybe she helped balance out the lack of attention I felt.

The waitress ended up recommending the cheesecake burrito. Loved it! I might go back just for that, even at $4.99.

All in all, I can say the experience was OK.

The waiters were pleasant, though there was a bit of lack of attention I felt. I didn't like the chilaquiles, but I loved he dessert. I thought it was too dark in there, but it was also very festive and clean. 

What can I say? Every review can't be a slam-dunk.

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