Bites Nearby: The Dublin Pub & Grill

Every week, Patch picks a place that might be worth checking out, and this week we wander into an Irish pub looking to makes its mark in the area.

I don't drink, so me going to an Irish pub is like the beginning of a bad joke. It makes no sense.

But, I ended up at one on Friday, mainly because I didn't want to drive to the spot I was originally going to way out near Lawrenceville. (I was coming from the airport, and it just seemed too far. Gas is $4.) Just as I was thinking I needed to decide on some other place, there on the right along Main Street West was .

The first thing I noticed is that there was no one there. There were exactly two cars in the parking lot. It was 2 p.m., so I kind of expected them to be a little busy. I was wrong. Only the music streaming from the inside and the door slightly askew told me they were open.

I walked in -- very slowly and carefully. There was someone sitting down -- a cook I think -- fiddling with some paperwork. I walked by him two times, and he didn't even say hi. I thought that was rude.

When the waitress finally materialized, she didn't seem all that interested in me either. It was almost like she was tired, or mad, or tired and mad. I don't know, but I decided I didn't like her.

However, when she vanished into the kitchen to get my water and then reappeared seconds later, she was a new, bubbly person. Turns out her name is Erica, she's 26, she has two children, she's married, she is addicted to her cell phone, and her mom used to make Shepherd's Pie when she was a kid. She ended up being the only thing that made my lunch interesting.

The "Shepard's Pie" I had, on the other hand, was plain boring. Now, I do not know what it is supposed to taste like, so that's my disclaimer. But, the one I had didn't have any seasoning. Three forkfuls, and I was over it. I sent it back. (It was $10.99. Oh, and yes that is how it is spelled on the menu.)

Next, I went for the corn beef sandwich with a salad, $8.99. I know what the sandwich is supposed to taste like, so this did not disappoint. I'll probably go a whole week now wanting to put sauerkraut on everything.

I also had the potato skins (with cheese, bacon, and sour cream), $5.99. They were normal. About what I would expect.

When it came time for dessert, I asked the thing I always ask: Does the restaurant actually make any of its desserts? The Dublin Pub & Grill doesn't, so I took a pass. Cheesecake is cheesecake is cheesecake.

By then, Erica's husband and baby had come in, and a delivery guy was there. He had to come through the main dining area to the kitchen, which I thought was super weird. Eventually, he went to stand outside to smoke with the cook. (Maybe they know each other?)

On the weekends, Erica said the crowd picks up. Friday and Saturday nights are best, she said. Karaoke is always fun, despite any bad singers. St. Patrick's Day seemed like it was one of their busiest ever, she added.

So, all in all, I do not know what to think about this place. Maybe I should just go back on a weekend night.

The Dublin & Grill is located at 3902 Highway 78 West and is open Monday and Tuesday, 4 p.m. - 2 a.m.; Wednesday - Saturday, 1 p.m. - 2 a.m.; and Sunday, 12 p.m. - 12 a.m. (These times are different from the website, and reflect a notice posted on the front door of the restaurant.) Phone number is 678-805-8403. See the menu here.

Crystal Huskey March 24, 2012 at 04:27 PM
My husband went to The Dublin with friends a couple of weeks ago, and they were not fans at all. They had a plate of nachos that had some shredded cheese on them and a couple of olives, for $10.99. That place must be in a bad location, too, because it's been through a lot of owners over the past few years.
Judith Fitz April 03, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Went there one time. Found the food bland and the place dirty. Not a good place for kids.
johntait June 10, 2012 at 03:08 PM
This place is the pits !!! tried it when it first opened and was VERY disapointed ..he waitress was more into flirting with 3 guys at the end of the bar. My draft beer glass was empty for 5 min. had to finally wave my arms to get her attention ??? the wings I ordered to go were poor at best. Told myself I would never go back !!! So last week i gave them another chance, and again the bar tender was to wrried about being away from the bar then behind it ?? I ordered a french dip sandwich and it was pitiful !!! Presentation was VERY POOR, looked like the opened a box of frozen Steak-ums took it straight out of te box still folded (like it was packaged) I did not even finish it the bread was toasted to long !!! This Place will NEVER make it due to POOR Management and High prices for what you get...I asked the Manager if he looks at what is coming out of the Kitchen and he said he had been to busy ???? (5 people in this place at the time and 4 wee playing darts ?) so I was the only one at the bar eating ??? Never asked why i did not finish my food, Because i feel he does NOT care about his job !! So, I will NEVER be back and I will let All of my Snellville friends know how bad this place is ....


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