Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Takes Bite Out of History

Toss the history books out the window. Hollywood has made Abraham Lincoln a vampire hunter and guess what…it doesn't suck !

Honest Abe wants to stop an army of vampires from taking over the United States in the campy, but action-packed film "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."

Lincoln, played by newcomer Benjamin Walker, swears revenge after seeing his mother killed by a vamp. Time goes by, and he finally learns how to kill the blood suckers, triggering a Civil War between mankind and vampires.

It's an absolutely ridiculous premise but plays its subject and humor with a straight face and a surprising amount of historical accuracy... if you ignore the whole vampire thing. This is not a movie that makes fun of its own ludicrous story, but instead embraces it head-on and turns Abraham Lincoln into an axe-wielding, butt-kicker of epic action proportions. 

Instead of shying away from the film's historical characters the movie embraces them and dives headfirst into making Lincoln an action star, not a camp joke. It's obviously a risk for a film most people expect to be one two-hour punch line, but it works. So the Flick-O-Meter gives "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" a three out of five. The story is pretty ridiculous, I know… but for some reason the silly premise and straight play work. Plus, Lincoln is just one bad dude. Oh, it's in 3D, by the way.

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"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" is showing at the in Tucker.


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