Does It Pay To Do The Right Thing? Heck no!

No good deed goes unpunished.

Today I’m at my wit’s end.  I’ve spent my life trying to do the right thing (and no, I’m NOT perfect).  The older I get, the more I try to do the right thing to keep bad things from happening to me, like trying to refinance my mortgage in today’s economy.  DON’T get me started….


Since last year I’ve reached out to each and every single company who “promised” they could get me re-financed, and in the end, I was forced to return to my present lender, who, not only has faced several turns in court due to poor and exploitive lending habits, but also got a bail-out after the infamous AIG.


So, in May, I began conversing with the bank.  I’ve been their customer for 10 years.  During this 10 years, thanks to automatic debit, I’ve never been late on this loan.  My credit score is over 800 and due to becoming unemployed and subsequently underemployed, I now have no debt.  Guess what this means?  The big banks and corporate lenders believe I have my finances under control and don’t think I need help, so they won’t refinance my loan!

So after launching an all-out war against my current lender through BBB, Office of Consumer Affairs, Clark Howard, Atlanta Legal Aid, Home Safe Georgia and Office of Banking and Mortage, my lender’s “executive complaint department” called and assured me they would help me.  I paid my $450 for the appraisal,  which was done in a few days and sent to the lender.  Then I got my Good Faith Estimate in July, which expires TODAY.  Not a word from the lender in all this time, even after multiple calls and emails, which sent me into voicemail jail, and responses such as “I’m no longer in this department, please call 888*****” which sent me into another automated telephone grave.

Yes, I’m mighty pissed off, and there is no other word for it but pissed off.  This is beyond unacceptable and enough to make a person lose all rationality and do something postal.  I think I get it now when folks become so enraged it comes out in other ways and places, like on the road.  I  wish I was a lawyer.  I’d love to take these unmentionables through months, maybe years, of litigation, cost them hundreds of thousands in defense work and shame them beyond any  measure they thought possible.  This is worthy only of a class-action lawsuit, and that is my next consideration.  How dare we be punished for doing the right thing!

So I guess it's off to the picket line again.  If you see me waving signs on the corner, be sure to blow your horn, and don't be afraid to pick up a sign and join the fanfare.

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Viola Davis RN BSN October 26, 2012 at 12:34 PM
I am in total agreement! Please save a sign for me.


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