Do You Love Your Job?

A happy employee makes for a job well done.

I love my job, yes I do.  Now that I think of it, I’ve loved all my jobs because they were fun to me. Even in the face of adversity at times, I always managed to make my job fun.  It somehow makes me happy, and a happy employee makes for a job well done.

My first job was at a car wash when I was 15.  I was walking home from school and they were advertising for help.  I walked in, asked for the manager and shook his hand and said “You need to hire me!”.  He asked why, and I said with enthusiasm and a big smile “Because I want to work!” I started the next day. Truth be told, I am absolutely mesmerized by cars and anything having to do with them. 

Now I was going to get to play with cars AND get paid to do it, does it get any better than that?  That job was the beginning of a lifetime of loving cars.  I am still mesmerized by them today, although I’m sad that my old back won’t allow me to play as I once did, but that can’t quash the car shows, or the lifetime love!

My career turned out to be investigations, 35 years of it, and I love every minute of that, too.  I’m nosy by nature, so my mind was always thinking ahead.  But  the fact that I was always looking for a fun side made it all that much better!  Even in the face of some pretty mean co-workers, and some employers who  attempted to thwart my enthusiasm and professionalism, I came away with a smile because somewhere deep inside me, all I cared about was doing a great job, which made me feel competent and successful.

I guess the fact that I continued to play with cars all this time helped, too.  At one point in my history, I was playing with cars full-time as Atlanta’s very first and innovative mobile car detailer.  I had 253 regular customers who kept me hopping.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I understand the concept of hating work because it’s hard, stressful, etc.  I have been there-done that, actually came away with a few T-shirts.  However, the stress I endured helped me to see things a little more clearly, change the way I do some things, and how I handle some people. 

Here’s the bottom line:  An employer considers you for a job they need done.  Do you have what they need to get this job done in the best interest of the business?  Both employer and employee have a decision to make.  It’s not just up to the employer, and the employee shouldn’t just consider it “a job to make money”. 

After all, one spends the majority of their lifetime employed, so why not make it a great time?  A perfect match is a win-win for both.  The employer needs a person committed to a job well-done in order that the company profits and succeeds.  The employee needs a satisfying job that pays the bills, gives a little monetary wiggle room, and gives the employee a sense of satisfaction in a job well-done.  Win-win…company profits, employee succeeds.

On the other hand, let’s talk about a position that creates too much stress.  As the employee, how do you see your immediate supervisor, their boss and the company as a whole?  Is the company successful?  Are other employees around you happy?  Or are they stressed, whispering to other employees, including you?  This is an indicator that something is amiss. 

I know jobs are extremely hard to come by.  I was out of work for six months, but you know what?  I still wasn’t going to take just any job that came along.  I did my research on the company, and during interviews, I started up conversations with receptionists, and others I was able to see/hear at the interview, including their customers.  I would conduct internet research into the company, including the Better Business Bureau.  After all, any prospective employer is going to do the same to you.

Do you love your job?  Do you wake up in the morning champing at the bit to get prepared for another happy day at work, or do you drag out of bed, dreading the day ahead.  Are you wishing your life away with thoughts like “c’mon Friday!”?  You only get a little time here on earth, negative feelings chip away at your time. 

My suggestion is to make your work happy, happiness makes you feel good, don’t you like to feel good?  If not, find something else, but be honest with your employer.  No one can or will fault you for being honest. 

When I supervised 13 people, I told all of them regularly how happy I was to have them on board. I praised their commitment and hard work.  I explained that we were a team, and worked together, and supported each other.  Up front, I let them know that we counted on each and every person in that team.  I always said to them “If you decide you are not cut out for this job, please let me know, and I will support your efforts to seek employment elsewhere, but until you leave, we will expect you to still be a part of this team and carry your load.” 

Most importantly, I never expected more from my staff than I was willing to do myself.  I can say every member was always very open and honest with me, and this made for an excellent, hard-working team.  By the way, during my tenure in that position, I never lost a team member. As long as honesty is in the picture, anyone can respect that. 

So really, after saying all that, I really just wanted to express my overall happiness in my employment career.  I try to see the glass as half full, even under what might have appeared to be the worst of conditions at times.  I try to let go of adversity, and rise above it, because I want to keep my job.  If I don’t like my job, no one is holding a gun to my head, I can always go elsewhere. 

I want the employer I selected to be happy with what I have to offer, and give them 150% of what they’re looking for so they’ll keep me and be glad they did.  I can only hope you are just as happy in yours.

Cheers to a happy work week and a restful weekend!

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