Code Compliance: Proactive for Property Values

Everyone is tired of declining property values.

On Sunday, I saw a Code Enforcement truck running through the neighborhood with their warning lights flashing.  That’s right, on Sunday.

This tells me that Dekalb County has taken a proactive approach to our sinking property values.  They’ve formed the Foreclosure Registry, Code Ambassador program and have phone/fax/online complaint systems in place.  I don’t know how they can handle all those complaints.

No longer are the days of what seemed like no effectiveness or even a care in the world about the fact that homeowners have let their properties drift into an unwanted montage of run-down dumps in an area that was once the place to be. Now I see other County vehicles stopping to pick up trash, take down signs and cleaning up.  Yes, vehicles that aren’t Sanitation, Keep Dekalb Beautiful, but other County-marked vehicles are doing the dirty work.  It’s like….well, it’s like they care.  I see other residents out on main roads with bags and grabbers, leisurely walking down the road picking up trash.  That’s the spirit! 

I’m sure there are those who believe when you “own” a home, you have the right to do “whatever you want”.  Can you imagine?  What if we all did whatever we wanted to do?  Just imagine the possibilities.  Drug houses, prostitution, backyard auto junk yards, trash and unsightliness…cars up on jacks with air compressors going all hours of the night.  Noise so loud we can’t sleep.  I don’t want to even imagine what our little piece of sanity would be like without Code enforcement.  This is not about the government ruling us, it’s about keeping and increasing our too-low property values.  It’s about living in a decent and safe environment so our children and their children can grow up as we did, happy, safe and feeling that sense of a secure home.

It’s apparent to me that enough Dekalb residents in our area have spoken up, and are now unwilling to tolerate the declined property values.  I’m happy to see that now it’s apparent our government, as well as the residents, are taking a proactive approach to push for increased property values.

Thanks, Dekalb, for getting on board!

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