Local Peachtree Race Runners Beat Previous Times

But it wasn't easy with the humidity, one runner said.

Several runners from a beat their times from last year, one of the group's leaders said.

Finish times were under one hour 30 minutes, said Shaunya Ishmael. She and her husband Chester are lead trainers and owners of Operation Boot Camp Stone Mountain.

Ishmael said runner Tyra Knox came in at one hour 18 minutes; Knox told Patch last week that her time in the 2011 race was one hour, 30 minutes. Ishmael said her husband finished in one hour, 27 minutes.

But things were far from perfect for the runners.

"The humidity was really bad," she said. "It was interesting running conditions."

The humidity "makes it harder to breathe because the air seems like it's heavier," she said.

And Ishmael ran into her own obstacles. At one point, her toes curled under and wouldn't release, she said. So she did a bit more walking than planned, and finished in one hour, 23 minutes.

"I didn’t stop," she said. "I wasn’t going to stop at all. I kept going. I just had to walk it out."

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