Weeyums Owner On Sentenced Men: "I forgive them for what they did"

William Dawson said he is grateful for his son, who was shot during the November 2010 robbery of his restaurant. A father and son crime pair along with others were sentenced to prison time this week for the armed robbery and attempted bank robbery.

On the one hand, there is a father and son working together at a family-owned small business.

On the other, a father and son, who reportedly hadn't been close for years, become alleged robbers, and are now sentenced to serious prison time.

This contrast isn't lost on William Dawson, owner of Weeyums Philly Style Cheesesteaks in Stone Mountain Village, whose son William "Joe" Dawson was shot in the arm during a November 2010 robbery at the restaurant.

"I'm more grateful I have my son," Dawson told Patch. "I'm not looking for any restitution monetarily wise. I forgive them for what they did. I'm grateful the law enforcement officers did their job. They were good to work with and made me feel comfortable in the judicial system."

This week, a U.S. District judge sentenced the crime pair relatives, Clifford Durham, Jr., 39, and his son, Clifford DeAngelo Jackson, 23, to federal prison.

The two were charged in the November 2010 robbery of Weeyums Philly Style Cheese Steaks and attempted bank robbery.

Dawson's father said his son, now 25, is doing fine and is the restaurant's operations manager.

Dawson said he is considering writing Jackson a letter, saying "you've got these years, you're not going anywhere, make the best of the situation."

Dawson said Jackson has a 3 year old. "His son will be 20 and he’ll be wanting to know his father," Dawson said. "The cycle could go again if it's not broken."

unknownauthor November 09, 2012 at 04:19 PM
I didn't know about the shooting. Little Joe use to hang out at my store when he was a little kid. And I still run into William sometimes at Sam's Club. I'm glad the family suffered no lose. They are good people!


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