Use Stone Mountain-Lithonia Patch to Get the Word Out About Your Community

Here are five ways to post information on our site.

Attention, churches, sororities, fraternities, schools, neighborhood associations, family reunions, clubs - and anyone else who wants to spread the word about a local group, activity or cause.

On Stone Mountain-Lithonia Patch, there are several ways you can tell everyone about things happening in the community  -- and they're simple to do, too.

Check out how you can use the site to let everyone know what's happening:

1. Announce something to the world on Patch. For example, put your school's award, your wife's promotion, your pastor's retirement, or thank someone who's done something wonderful for the community directly on the Patch site.

Here's how: Go to the very bottom of the Patch home page. In the righthand corner, under the "Contribute" box, click on "Announce something to everyone."  Then just fill in the blanks. Easy peasy!

2. You can add an event to the calendar on the Patch page.

Whether you want folks to know about trivia night at a restaurant, an upcoming sports game at your school, or a PTA meeting, you can publicize it using almost the same steps as in No. 1: Go to the very bottom of the Patch home page. In the righthand corner, under the "Contribute" box, click on "Put an event on the calendar."

Fill in the blanks on the page, click save and voila - you've just posted a calendar item, my friend.

3. Put your voice on Patch - blog! Have an issue you'd like to tell people about or share your opinion on? A question to ask your neighbors? Recipes or gardening tips? Blog on Patch! You don't have to be an accomplished author, and your blog posts don't have to be long. The best part is, it's really easy to do! Get started blogging on Stone Mountain-Lithonia Patch.

4. Upload photos from a community event. Did you take photos of video of your neighborhood's fall festival, a fundraising event, block party? How about photos from the local high school football game?

Post photos of the event to our Pics & Clips Neighborhood Photo Gallery!  

After you've clicked on the link and you're on the photo gallery page, just click on the "Upload Photos and Video" button and start adding those pics.

5.  Write a review of a local business in our Patch directory. Did you have a delicious lunch somewhere in town? Let folks know about the place by searching for the business in our directory (the link is above), clicking on the business name. It's just like writing a comment on an article.

If you run into any trouble posting items, or if you've got other questions/suggestions, just contact me, Leslie Johnson, Stone Mountain-Lithonia Patch editor.

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