How Are You Dealing with Higher Gas Prices?

The cheapest gas locally is $3.75, according to one website. How do you save money and gas these days?

Are you doing anything differently now that a gallon of regular unleaded gas is nearly $4? Are you carpooling to work, taking MARTA, grouping together errands, or driving fewer miles on certain days of the week?

Share your gas-and-money-saving secrets with other Patch readers in the comments section at the bottom of this article.

Meanwhile, here are five places in Stone Mountain with the cheapest gas, according to reports over the last 36 hours to Georgiagasprices.com:

1. $3.75 - 1131 N Hairston Rd. and Central Drive

2.  $3.78 - , 1759 Rockbridge Rd. near Pounds Road
3.  $3.78 - , 5032 Annistown Rd. and Castle Club Drive
4. $3.79 - Chevron, 4091 Redan Rd. and S. Indian Creek Drive
5. $3.79 - Shell, 5260 U.S. 78 and E. Park Pl. Boulevard
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Leslie Johnson April 12, 2012 at 03:19 PM
On Stone Mountain Patch's Facebook page, Dexter Christian shared his strategies: "Fewer trips. Running errands on my way home after work. Leaving my vehicle parked as much as possible." April Johnson wrote: "So thankful that my employer offers commuting options, express shuttles and teleworking. Also combine errands and just plain walking when feasible."
Brian Carr April 16, 2012 at 06:23 PM
Like others on this message board have figured out, the best way to cope with spiraling gas prices is to find more ways to drive less. A great place to start is on the daily commute, with support from your employer and organizations like The Clean Air Campaign. There are free resources available to help commuters find carpool or vanpool partners who live and work near each other. Commuters who leave their vehicles at home can get a Guaranteed Ride Home on days when they have to leave work early or late and catch their ride. There are even incentives available for commuters who switch from driving alone and carpools of 3+. Worth looking into any of these services and resources at http://www.cleanaircampaign.org as a practical way to save at the pump. While we wait for gas prices to stabilize, it's about taking matters into our own hands and choosing to drive less, because every mile counts.


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