Quotes, Comments and Tweets of August

Notable quotes, tweets and comments about local news and events for the month of August.

1. “As part of our Sikh faith, we are ordained to surrender to the will of God. Whatever is going to happen, that happens."

Professor Sukhchain Singh, visiting the in Stone Mountain and speaking about the gunman who opened fire at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

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2. Memorial Drive needs so much in the way of quality businesses and our community needs much in the way of revenues, I agree with Joe Arrington, it is a win win. I will be there shopping!

- Patch reader (and blogger) Pauline Dailey, on the new Walmart under construction on Memorial Drive.

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3. "I think it helps the neighborhood to where people are no longer strangers. People tend to take a little more pride because we're looking out for each other. You really know your neighbors. It's really more of a family."

- Brenda Maddox, Les Chateaux resident, talking about the importance of National Night Out

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4. "The best way to deal with mushrooms is to assume they are poisonous.  So you should not handle them without gloves, sniff them, taste them, or even think of eating them!"

-Master Gardener Averil Bonsall, offering advice on mushroom handling and removal.

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5. Movie was fairly typical except for the great bond between the sisters and minimal sexual references. I don't know what Tom S. meant by 'a cluttered mess',but I thought the story line was easy to follow. If you want to hear music from the 60's, here's your chance.

Patch reader and blogger Pat Deas on the movie "Sparkle."

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6. So the FACT that when I come into my school and see "SMH" My mind automatically says "Shakin My Head" Instead of "Stone Mountain High" O.o

Tweet by JetSetter_Tho on Aug. 24

7. I wonder why a killer from Largo, Florida would attempt to hide in Lithonia, Georgia, of all places?

Patch reader Joe King commenting on the article

8. "Whenever we hear that, we say, 'hey, we're musicians.'

- Vocalist Sydney Cash, of the group GibbsCash, describing when she and the other half of the duo, boyfriend J.D. Gibbs, learned that features live music regularly. GibbsCash performed at the restaurant for the first time this month.

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9. Strict is good. 48 million people get food poisoning evevery year in the US, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3000 die.

Patch reader JG commenting on our Question of the Week:

10. That blast-off rates right up there at the top on the "Where were you on that day list"? A day that is the first of days to come grabbing everyone's attention.

A friend and I listened to the blast-off on a car radio under a night sky on St. Simon's Island, where the Moon was shining like a giant night light and the Milky Way like, a giant neon bulb.

Kennedy coming on the tube annoucing missiles in Cuba & order to blockade Cuba.

The news of Kennedy being shot.


The first explosion of an American bomb dropped on Bagdad.

Patch reader don Gabacho, remembering astronaut Neil Armstrong.

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