Quotes and Comments of the Week

Here's what folks had to say about local news, events and blogs on Patch, Sept 2-8.

1.  its all one big puppet show!

- Patch reader Joyus Joy, commenting on our

2.  Children need that Summer Vacation Time. They need time off just like adults do with their jobs! I hope this is well balanced.

- Patch reader and blogger Henry Louis Adams, commenting on the article "?"

3.  “The damage done to our community by the distribution of child pornography is incalculable. Children are victimized when the images and videos are produced, and are victimized repeatedly each time the images are distributed to others. This case reflects our effort to break that vicious cycle of victimization.”       

-U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates in the release from her office about the sentencing of.

4. "If they're willing to negotiate, then we're willing to negotiate."

- Wendall Ervin, president of the Hidden Hills Civic Association, about .

5. Thank you.I am in the same boat.No debt . home under water and i am a risk..Me who paid her bills on time.Never in financial trouble.I quess the america dream belongs to those that do not care......

-Patch reader Janyce, commenting on the blog by Marguerite Girard, ""

6. Maybe I missed something here, but Morris Brown isn't going anywhere. Later this month we expect the school to regain its accreditation which is another important step along the way back. When this chapter in the history of Morris Brown is over, the next chapter will begin with "We fought through the darkest hours and we lived to see glory shine upon us once again. We kept going when they expected us to fail. We survived when others had written us off and we begin anew, determined, smarter and better for the fight."
I hope no one writes my obituary before I've taken my final breath. Certainly not while I still have the fighting spirit coursing through my veins. Don't erect that tombstone yet. We ain't done cause He ain't done with us yet!

- Patch reader and blogger Jair Sweatman, commenting on the blog post by Pauline Dailey, "RIP Morris Brown?"


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