Diva-Cakes Cupcakes Brings A Sweet Touch To Redan Road

Meet the owner: Che' Bledsoe opened her new cupcake business this summer.

Got a sweet tooth? Che' Bledsoe has added another confectionery option to the Greater Stone Mountain area this summer with her Diva-Cakes Cupcakes on Redan Road.

Bledsoe recently shared the details of her new business with Patch:

Q: Why did you decide to start Diva-Cakes?

A: I decided to start Diva-cakes because I wanted to offer specialty cakes in a cupcake size such as Red Velvet, Key Lime, and German Chocolate. I personally wanted to have those cakes throughout the year and not just at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. Nevertheless, finding those flavors at stores and bakeries wasn't always an easy task. Thus, the reason I wanted to offer my cupcakes to those who may have had similar wants at non-holiday times of the year.

Q: What were you doing before you opened your business?

A. Before I opened my business I was in the Mortgage/Real Estate Industry. After the market crash and personal/business loss, I decided to apply my business skills into something I loved doing- baking.

Q: Do you make your cupcakes on the premises?

A: We make our cupcakes on the premises fresh everyday.

Q: How did you decide on the location for Diva-Cakes?

A: I decided on the Stone Mountain, Ga location because I grew up in Stone Mountain and wanted to give back to the community who gave to me as a child/teenager growing up. Stone Mountain High School is the school I attended.

Q: How has the reception to Diva-Cakes been so far?

A: The reception of Diva-Cakes cupcakes has been wonderful and humbling. I've had an outpouring of support from the community thanking me for opening up in their community, and I couldn't be more pleased and thankful to the people of Dekalb County and surrounding cities who make the drive weekly just for OUR cupcakes.

Diva-Cakes is located at 4820 Redan Road. The phone number is 404-499-9393


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