Trendy and Urban in the Village

Meet the owner: Xiomara Smith brings a cool style to Stone Mountain Village.

E. Mountain Street in Stone Mountain Village is a little more trendy and urban these days. That's where you'll find Dolce Boutique and Xiomara Smith, who recently spoke with Patch about the shop:

Patch: When did you decide to open Dolce Boutique?

Smith: Dolce Boutique opened in Stone Mountain Village in April 2012.

Patch: What were you doing before you started your business?

Smith: I was a SBA underwriter for business loans and portfolio manager.

Patch: Describe the type of clothing you sell.

Smith: Our store sells Trendy, Urban, and Alternative wear. Some consider Urban as "baggy clothing" but that is not the case. We mean Urban in the sense of City Life.

Patch: Why did you decide to open Dolce Boutique in Stone Mountain Village?

Smith: It's a quaint city, with lots of hidden secrets, some new and some old and I wanted us to be part of that. I felt the city lacked fashion retail shopping, there was more specialty shopping, and so I wanted to add to the great things the city has to offer from a fashion standpoint.

Patch: How has the reception been to your store so far?

Smith: People love the store and they come back!

Patch: What are some of your future goals for Dolce?

Smith: We hope to open another location next year.

Dolce Boutique is located at 5336 E. Mountain St., Stone Mountain, GA. 30083.

Made Hawkins September 27, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Nice store!!!


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