'The Dog Spot' Expanding to Stone Mountain, Offering Additional Services

The Loganville doggy playcare/daycare center is opening a second location in Stone Mountain, offering water exercise and nature trails for pets as well as cat boarding.

The Dog Spot has found a spot in Stone Mountain to offer its doggy day care and playcare services.

When we can’t be at home taking care of our children all day, finding the right daycare where someone will treat them as though they are their own is of prime importance. The same goes for our pets. That’s where comes in.

After owning a pet resort in Florida for 10 years, Joyce Keeton brought the concept to Loganville with The Dog Spot – a doggy daycare/playcare facility aimed at enhancing the lives of local pets.

Located at 3422 Diversified Drive in Loganville, The Dog Spot offers doggie playcare, boarding, grooming and training classes. While at the center, dogs get to run, play and interact with other dogs. The Dog Spot also offers boarding facilities and while they are not “trained” outside of the official training sessions, as with children, the staff works with them to ensure good canine manners and behavior.

The Dog Spot has proved so successful in Loganville that a second location is opening at 1975 Glenn Club Drive in Stone Mountain on March 1.

“It will offer the same great services the Loganville location does, only with more capacity and some additional great services,” Keeton said in a press release, adding the new services at the Stone Mountain location include cat boarding, nature walks and an underwater rehabilitation and exercise treadmill.

“We are very excited about this new location as it provides even more choices for our existing clients and the ability to reach even more dogs and families with the services we so strongly believe the community wants and needs,” Keeton said.

The new location has more outdoor space for the pets as well as upscale indoor facilities. The underwater treadmill is to help overweight and out of shape dogs get back to being slim, trim and healthy again without putting too much pressure on their joints.

That the pets are handled by avid animal lovers at all times is without question. This is evidenced by the rescue aspect of The Dog Spot with .

“Apollo was rescued by English Bulldog Rescue of GA last year from a breeder that was getting rid of him because he had lost the use of his rear legs due to calcification in his spine,” Keeton said. “He didn't want to spend the money for surgery. We decided to give him a wheelchair and he has been happily running and playing until recently when he started losing the use of his front legs.”

Again Keeton and staff from The Dog Spot stepped in, raising money through donations and yard sales to get Apollo the testing and possible surgery necessary to help him regain use of his legs. The website also carries more of the rescue aspect of The Dog Spot.

With the opening of the new location, Keeton assured Loganville clients that the local center won't be going away. The opening of the Stone Mountain location is expected to enhance the playcare and spa experience for pets. Transportation is even available between the two. Boarding opportunities also will increase with the second location, which Keeton said is conveniently located just off I-285, “on the way to the airport.”

More information about The Dog Spot is available on the website.

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