"The Crab Pot" Closing in Stone Mountain Village

Last day is set for Jan. 31; owners are opening a new restaurant in Conyers.

, which opened last year, will be closing its doors in Stone Mountain Village and relocating, co-owner Yvonne Thompson said Friday.

A slowdown in business over the last few months led to the tough decision: "Sometimes we'd sit with each other all day and look at each other," said Thompson, who owns the restaurant with her sister, Jennifer Hayes.

In the beginning, the restaurant was "extremely busy."

"It was nice," Thompson said.

But over time, she said, that energy changed due in part to the stalled economy. She also said she thinks Stone Mountain Village needs more promotion.

"They need to try to draw people in here," she said.

Thompson said she and Hayes hope to open a restaurant in the Kroger shopping strip on Highway 138 in Conyers, where there is more foot traffic, she said. It is also closer to home.

It's early yet, but their new restaurant could be set up differently, too. Thompson said she's considering the business model of King Seafood on Memorial Drive, where there's no dine-in.

"Next time we might just do something 'to go'," Thompson said.

The Crab Pot's last day at its 961 Main Street location is tentatively set for Jan. 31, Thompson said.

Bruce Mitchell January 03, 2012 at 06:27 PM
The only businesses that will be successful in an area like Stone Mountain Village are those that do things different. Just having an idea for a business won't get it. Creativity in marketing and the use of technology to bring and keep customers is just as important as customer service. Businesses can't expect customers to patronize them just because. Aggressive video marketing, social networking and contact repetition are the only answers. Ignoring this leads to peril.
Lucas Roberts January 03, 2012 at 07:06 PM
There needs to be something that has a purpose – something that people need on a regular basis. Not karate or insurance – but something social and active. Twitter integration, with weekly deals, and lively space would get someone a fighting chance. I love the bldg across the street from the Stone Mountain Old PO Antiques. Love for a market or pub or anything would move in there.
Roland Richard January 03, 2012 at 08:25 PM
While I loved the concept and the people were nice. It got off to a pretty bad start and never really got on track, IMO. If I'm being honest, the food wasn't all that great. I think people would be willing to pay, even in a tough economy, if the product was worth it.
Kim Delaney January 03, 2012 at 09:08 PM
EXCELLENT points, Bruce and Lucas! Times likes these can provide great opportunities for lower-cost rent and taking a professional risk by going out on one's own... But too many excited, enthusiastic people start small businesses with no real plan for success...no business plan, no working capital, no advertising budget or even the means to make it past the first few months of paying rent, let alone all the other costs associated with doing business. They don't do their homework with regard to zoning and permits...and they hit a brick wall and blame the city officials and red tape for crashing and burning. We are working on an information package that will help those thinking about opening a small business here tackle some of these issues BEFORE opening the doors. Knowledge is power!
Leslie Johnson January 04, 2012 at 02:13 AM
Kim, I think the information package is a great idea, because you're right, many entrepreneurs often jump into starting a business without a proper business plan, financing, due diligence, etc. It would be great if libraries could hold more information sessions for entrepreneurs, too...bring in a small business expert to go over some pertinent details.


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